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Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning

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Manning is just the best ever at stuff like that. Please... please leave Tom Brady out of this thread. He really can't do comedy anywhere as well as PM can.


you brought up Tom Brady in a post asking folks not to bring up Tom Brady..

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    • Nelson. Nelson is the face of our team as well IMO. When most people think of the Colts, they think O.Line 1st.
    • Do I truly believe real stats ? Well as a lifetime Statistician answer is obvious and a clear Yes. If we compare actual numbers and success as the determining factor  it isnt even close between Graham and anyone else.   Comparing eras is always tough and in all sports we tend to minimize achievements the further we get away from them even in sports that count every single championship like those other than Football does.  Wilt Chamberlain for example towers above everyone numbers wise in the NBA what he averaged per season for a career tops most everyone's single season best by a lot but we hear less and less about him which is a shame and when we do many try to discredit him numbers spouting inaccuracies like he the NBA was shorter in those days (Avg Centers were actually taller in his era than currently ).    Many call it a timeline bias because they didnt live it or see it in person. We tend to think what we see and are living is better and superior.    
    • Stats are deceiving, in 2006 Bob Sanders only played 4 games. Don't you think had he played all 16 games that the Colts Run D would've been much better? It was obvious it was in the 1st 2 playoff games with him back. 2006 was the best Colts team ever, they won it all is the #1 thing, they were mentally tough and not soft like they were in years prior, they went 10-0 at home = great teams take care of their home turf, and they beat Brady and BB to win the AFC. Another thing the 2006 team had over the 2005 team was the kicker. Vander was a choke, Adam V was automatic in crunch time back then.
    • Big Sexy Q is my vote but Nyheim seems like an awesome dude. I like him as a player but he’s a real great locker room personality and I’m not sure it gets brought up much here. 
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