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When Do We Start Wearing Bags On Our Heads?

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so far they look very un organise ,collinsworth said they have no clue how to play football

We look terrible...on both sides of the ball. Mental mistakes have put 14 points on the board for NO. They look completely unprepared and unorganised. And all I can think of watching this pathetic display of football in the first half is how poorly coached they are. Same vanilla garbage defensive scheme that gets us toasted every game...and the same mental blunders on offense that cost us to turn the ball over and go three and out pretty much every single possession. And Donald Brown getting Curtis sacked...again...seriously? Why is this zero even on the field?

Instead of a bag can I just pull the neck of my jersey up over my nose so I don't have to smell how bad the Colts stink tonight?

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Peyton would not be able to win with this team against good teams like the Saints. I understand it's Peyton but man, I thought we only needed a year or two of drafts and FA to get back to where we were, but it looks like we not a lot more than 2 years. That was just god awful. I would wear a bag over my head for this one loss period! I've seen the Colts play some bad games but man, this one has to be top 3.

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"this one has to be top 3"

The Indy era has been really bad aside from a few descent mid 90's teams, and Peyton... so that's saying something.

I mean, isn't this THE biggest point deficit of the SB era for a game? If so, it gets a Top 3 stamp just for breaking a record. As far as worst Colts games ever, this has to be somewhere in the top.

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Really dude? You don't think having Peyton back will be more of a impact than when we were hoping for Gonzalez and crew to get healthy? That is just silly.

My point was that it doesn’t matter what player is injured because that is the excuse that a lot of posters will use. Last year it was Dallas Clark. Peyton was playing. We were one and done in the playoffs big deal. This year its Peyton. Who will it be next year. And Dude to think that Peyton can solve the problems we saw last night…really…. well that is just silly

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    • At Houston's age there is also a good chance he won't be able to achieve his numbers from last year.  I would rather sign Clowney given the choice.  I think there is a good chance Houston signs elsewhere too.  You notice no players are clamoring for his return like they were for TY and Rhodes.  It might come down to plan C for Ballard. 
    • Wow.....   Kiper just had us picking Cosmi with our pick in round 2.......   Cosmi seems to have dropped a bit at least with the talking heads.......  The "better" talking heads do have contacts with at least some of the pro scouts   I wonder if there is something hidden on the guy......      
    • Welp, at minimum, you'll know their grade. And you can read up on anyone you might target on NFL.com prospect tracker if you feel like researching a bit. They have profiles for pretty much every top 300+ kid.
    • Agree that he would likely have been cut last year - whether he would have wound up on our PS or getting picked up elsewhere, I don't know for sure.     As we saw last year, the D 'Flus is running very rarely is a true 4-3 with 4 DL, 3 LBs, 4 DBs - instead, we're using 4 DL and more often 2 LBs with 5 DBs (or less often 1 LB and 6 DBs).   My guess with Ballard not making much effort going after A-Walker is that we'll typically see Leonard and Okereke in 2 LB situations and that they've got confidence in Speed to use him in 3 LB situations.  If not, Franklin (though he had the most ST snaps on the team) is pretty adequate at LBer if needed as a backup.  Adams and Glasgow were used entirely on STs last year and I get the feeling Glasgow sort of carved out a niche for himself as a STer moving forward (i.e., unless drastic emergency, we won't see him on the field as a LBer but he'll be likely to keep a roster spot).     I won't be shocked to see Ballard pick up a LB in the draft or bring in some UDFAs to battle for roster spots.  Heck, I won't be shocked to see him bring in a vet FA if the price is right.  It appears we should be set at LB, though Leonard has missed a game or more to injury each of his 3 years and Oke didn't seem to show much improvement between year 1 and 2.     As I see it now, without any significant additions, Skai has a legit shot to beat out Adams since he probably fits the mold on what we're trying to do on D a bit more and Adams was used entirely as a ST guy last year (i.e., Moore basically needs to outcompete Adams for ST reps or be near him with a bit more upside as a back-up defender).     I still rank OT, Edge, TE, WR as clear needs over LB.  Not as clear, but I have secondary as a bigger need than LB right now, too -- so I won't be shocked if we address the LB position in the draft, but agree that having Moore back gives us the option to go towards one of those positions instead of LB if the BPA is pretty close between a LBer and an aforementioned position.   One thing that'll be interesting to me is how Ballard and the coaching staff treat the guys who opted out.  Obviously we have no idea how conversations went with those players who opted out, and I don't know all their motivations for doing so (I believe Tell had a sick grandmother or something like that)... but I know Ballard doesn't like guys who he thinks opt not to play for their own benefit over that of the team (e.g., saying Ebron quit on the team with a minor ankle injury that Ebron elected to get season ending surgery on instead of toughing out the last 5-6 games two seasons ago).  If Ballard believes (as you somewhat eluded to) that Moore opted out rather than getting cut, I can see Moore being let go pretty early -- if Moore gave Ballard a legit reason to opt out, I hope Moore has kept himself in shape and is ready to ball out, as he seemed like a very solid playmaker at S. Carolina during his college years.       Ballard and Flus both said last year that Speed is as physically gifted as any LB on our roster.  I think it was known he was a project since being drafted -- coming from a small school with limited LB experience (he was a QB in HS, converted to WR as a freshman at Tarleton State, then from WR to DE and eventually DE to LB).  He made a few big time plays on STs last year and in his limited action at LB, he looked fine to me (hard to judge, as most of his LB action was in garbage time).  My gut tells me the coaching staff has seen enough of him that they're pretty confident in what he can do at LB and I'm excited for it -- TBH, just athletically with him, Leonard and Oke we have to have one of the more purely athletic group of LBs in the league (e.g., what we may lose a pure FB player in AW, we probably make up for with Speed's pure athletic ability).     In terms of Tell, I am excited for him.  He seemed to do well in his chances as a rookie and it's impossible to say, but my guess is with some of Ya-Sin's struggles last year, we may have seen Tell take over the CB2 role across from Rhodes by the mid-point of last season.  That said, I'm not giving up on Ya-Sin - I think he'll improve and will be a solid player, especially if we can generate a bit more pass rush.  I know one thing Ballard liked about Tell from day 1 was his ability to play CB or S if need be giving his size, range and athleticism.  Personally, I like Blackmon more as a SS than FS and don't dislike the idea of Tell lining up at FS, Blackmon as SS and Willis lining up in the box against TEs.  
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