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When Do We Start Wearing Bags On Our Heads?

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so far they look very un organise ,collinsworth said they have no clue how to play football

We look terrible...on both sides of the ball. Mental mistakes have put 14 points on the board for NO. They look completely unprepared and unorganised. And all I can think of watching this pathetic display of football in the first half is how poorly coached they are. Same vanilla garbage defensive scheme that gets us toasted every game...and the same mental blunders on offense that cost us to turn the ball over and go three and out pretty much every single possession. And Donald Brown getting Curtis sacked...again...seriously? Why is this zero even on the field?

Instead of a bag can I just pull the neck of my jersey up over my nose so I don't have to smell how bad the Colts stink tonight?

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Peyton would not be able to win with this team against good teams like the Saints. I understand it's Peyton but man, I thought we only needed a year or two of drafts and FA to get back to where we were, but it looks like we not a lot more than 2 years. That was just god awful. I would wear a bag over my head for this one loss period! I've seen the Colts play some bad games but man, this one has to be top 3.

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"this one has to be top 3"

The Indy era has been really bad aside from a few descent mid 90's teams, and Peyton... so that's saying something.

I mean, isn't this THE biggest point deficit of the SB era for a game? If so, it gets a Top 3 stamp just for breaking a record. As far as worst Colts games ever, this has to be somewhere in the top.

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Really dude? You don't think having Peyton back will be more of a impact than when we were hoping for Gonzalez and crew to get healthy? That is just silly.

My point was that it doesn’t matter what player is injured because that is the excuse that a lot of posters will use. Last year it was Dallas Clark. Peyton was playing. We were one and done in the playoffs big deal. This year its Peyton. Who will it be next year. And Dude to think that Peyton can solve the problems we saw last night…really…. well that is just silly

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