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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • This is going to come off as homerish, but to have the things happen to him at the start, (luck and mcdaniels), and to have the team where we are now is nothing short of spectacular.    Hes shown that he isnt married to a strategy and is flexible, which is a super rare trait. For example, multiple years of trading down, then outright taking a risk and trading your 1st all together for an all pro DT.    The only knock you could make imo is his DE prospect evaluation. I haven't liked any of the edge rushers we've picked, and none of them have ever really made an impact. 
    • Dallas could back into winning a bad division, but Jerry is smart enough to know it would be a mere consolation prize.  I see a rebuild, probably thinks McCarthy was the problem in GB.   I think Jerry wants to keep all of his picks, and not waste one on a backup QB.
    • Mack can get $10-15M? No way he gets that right now. The only way Mack can get that is if he can come back, stay healthy for a season and produces big.   I can't see any team committing that type of money to a RB coming off an achilles tear...who has had prior injury issues. Guys like Lendale White, Mikel Leshoure, Kendall Hunter...played for a year and then were pretty much done. Arian Foster was older...but it was basically the end of his career as well. There will be teams that roll the dice on a one-year deal...but not a normal RB FA deal.    It really sucks for Mack...maybe he can buck the trend.
    • He has not been perfect, but he has been very good. I never used to see former Colts players on other teams even going back to Polian days, it just seemed like after the Colts they jus faded out of the league. Now you see ex Colts all over.    The Vinny thing was a mistake for sure and the Rivers saga is still playing out with a bit of a rough start.   I see some people saying were SB contenders this year. I dont believe that to be true after seeing the real contenders vs our team play. If he continues with the GREAT drafts, and fee agent signings and manages to find a franchise qb for the next 10 years we could have a real shot at winning a few in the next decade.
    • I think Mack will definitely check the free agent market before he would settle for a much discounted deal in Indy.  
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