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    • If we let Walker Walk, (and I think it’s likely) it’s not because we want an upgrade.   It’s because we simply don’t play him enough.   I think East Street has the numbers in snaps, but I think Walker is roughly playing 25-30 percent of the snaps.   That’s it.    We can't pay him enough for that.   Some other team will PLAY him more so they will PAY him more.    When Walker is off the field, we are either playing a 4-2-5 or a 4-1-6.   Leonard plays basically 100 percent of the snaps and I think Oke is about 55-60 percent.     There is a method to our madness.  
    • I'm surprised some folks want to resign Walker. Imo we definitely need an upgrade.... I'd let him walk.
    • Colts have won one playoff game in 6 seasons. Some more losing seasons and this team is no longer even in the top half of NFL franchises. They would be mostly irrelevant. I can’t imagine Irsay going for that.   Ballard is definitely safe...but this is year 5 and I am assuming there is a bit more urgency than just waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along.
    • Supplement with draft picks. Ballard has had a few rookies playing significant snaps every year...so we could assume the same this year. Plus...you have some  younger players who could take a step forward next season.  Also...there’s player for player swaps that can be explored.   I think you could easily replace everyone on that list except Houston and Rhodes. And I would keep MAC as a cheap TE2.   A big FA contract will put a strain on the cap...which is why a rookie QB would be huge. But I also think this is their chance to spend on a premium non-QB position or two.   But another way to burn cap space is to re-sign a bunch of outgoing vets...essentially paying more money for the same team components (in many cases). If that was a list of FAs...I would probably be interested in a few of them at most. But that’s just me...and I am sure other teams will be interested in each of them on some level...so this seems like a great chance to shift some cap space to quality (instead of quantity) and accrue some comp draft capital...even if it’s mid-late Day 3 picks.
    • Ok.   Appreciate the response.   I thought you were going to say they were typo’s, but apparently not.   Alright, we see it differently.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s what makes the world go around.    Thanks again....
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