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    • After watching the video I am inclined to believe a lot of the OL issues can be cleaned up with more practice and coaching.  Not to mention real game day action.  Let’s face it three of the starting five are veterans in their same position.  Strong veterans at that.  They know their jobs.  The newcomers Pryor and Pinter are basically adapting to new positions.  Recognition and reacting properly would make a big difference.  Coaching reinforcement would help as well on technique.  I’m expecting significant improvement as we play more into the season.  I think we already saw that with Pryor against KC.  I think the more they practice and play together the better they will develop as a unit. That said I still worry about Pinters weight being a detriment on the bull rushes.   He’s the one I’m most concerned about.  But overall I think they just need more time together as a unit.  I think the talent is there.  
    • It was Kelly who immediately went right to help Pinter block his man leave the middle wide open.
    • I think we have a good chance here. Titans have been awful against the run. We are top 3 against the run. If that continues this week, we win.
    • If Ryan keeps getting the tar beat out of him, Foles will be starting at QB by mid-season....  no one can continually take this beating and not get hurt.  
    • It happens because they're out there for 60-65 snaps a game on average. There are going to be some blunders and botched assignments.   The line obviously isn't where it has been for the last few seasons and their play needs to improve if this team is going to be successful, but let's not go the complete opposite direction and expect them to be absolutely perfect.
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