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O-line, we have new faces that are playing well - Castanzo, Reitz and Ijalana to be specific. One pick, maybe for the OG position. Pollak is supposed to take over for Saturday at center should Saturday be let go. We don't need as many picks for the O-line as in the past but if we get great value at some point, the Colts' management will pull the trigger.

D-line - if we re-sign Mathis, we need one nose tackle in the draft (and maybe one UT to replace Eric Foster but a slightly bigger one) and we need to re-sign Anderson & Brayton. That should shore them up.

In fact, our O-lines and D-lines have played better than the LB corp. and secondary, when Nevis & Foster were healthy. We would probably need another UT and one NT at best in the draft.

Secondary is where our focus should be on. Ocho Cinco - hate to be blunt but he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and our O does not work on the basis "you run, I throw". Ocho Cinco has spent weeks on the Pats playbook and still does not see much playing time, his history with Carson Palmer is not stellar either w.r.t running all kinds of routes and being on the same page as the QB, he can run go routes but a timing offense, he has really not been part of like one with the Colts, the Pats is his first test and its not going that well. T.O - it depends on whether his ACL injury has slowed him down or not.

Instead of taking chances and spending more money on a free agent WR, we spend less money on a later round draft pick who, if scouted well, can be brought up with the system and even when we transition to a new QB (now or in a few years whenever it happens), we will have a younger wideout that we have trained well. Knowing the Colts, how they value draft for roster replenishment over free agency, it is more likely they go the draft route, definitely for skill positions. Marvin, Reggie, Clark, Garcon, Collie, Gonzo, White, Addai, Brown, Carter, Tamme, Eldridge - every single of them came from the draft though White was an UDFA, that is what they will stick to.

The free agents, if we add any, are more necessary on the defensive side since certain positions like DT, CB or safety take a few years to learn and develop and we could infuse some vet experience there to mix with our youth. Our low risk signings of Anderson & Brayton are doing well enough so far. Signing Corey Simon & Booger worked for us in the past. I would expect them to go after some free agents now that they realize Peyton, even if he is coming back, is in the home stretch of his career, and the team needs to be constructed differently. I think they will take a John Elway like approach for Peyton moving forward, build the D primarily.

That was a great post and I agree with pretty much everything you've said.

I, too, hope we keep Anderson. He's been getting better on passing downs as well, which will hopefully make us a little less predictable when we rotate him in.

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we do not need a receiver in any round. WR is not one of our problems. Even if Wayne leaves, we are still stacked at the position.

stacked?? lol what team are watching? garcon is just now showing consistency, collie has shown nothing since coming back, gonzo is the new bob sanders. and please don't say blair white......

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the only WR free agent thats worth is eddie royal and i wouldnt mind taking a chance on him...but if we trade down like many think i rather dont take a wr untill either our extra 2nd rounder or 3rd rounder.

we have much more pressing needs than WR: CB S and 1 G are needed IMO. also a NT, cause if Chris Pollian is really in charge, Moala is probably done, he said on a Pollian corner show that Moala hasnt lived up to expectations and probably doesnt deserver a new contract i think?

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