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    • Willis looked scintillating at times... but he also got benched for not throwing a pass that he should have thrown within the offense and instead running for 17 yards.     Didn't watch Ridder and Pickens. Heard both did well. 
    • I liked Ridder, still do, but I have several nitpicks with his play in that preseason game. Mostly related to accuracy and decision making. He made a terrible throw that got picked, but was waived off due to penalty (I think it was roughing, and it was a borderline call). I think he had a pretty rough film review session following the game.   But I agree, he wasn't overmatched, he has the tools and the poise, he's super competitive. I think some of his production needs to be washed, those scrambles would probably be stopped in a real game, either with gameplan or more aggressive defensive play.    I'll be watching him very closely.
    • When I watched the preseason games, I expected Ridder and Willis to look completely overmatched.  I didn't see Pickett although I heard he threw the game winning TD to Pickens.   I was pleasantly surprised when they looked pretty good.  To me they looked like they had all the basic skills to be good QBs plus both were mobile.   I realize they are raw and need work, but the basic talent was there.  Heck, Colts fans have probably seen alot more of Ridder than me since he played at Cincy.   To me, to go after Willis or Ridder for a 3rd pick was a risk well worth taking.  If it doesn't work, we just spent a 3rd rounder.
    • Coryatt was an ILB.  He was really good from 93-95 before he got injured.  Before 1996 season, Jax offered him a 17.5 million dollar contract that the Colts matched. That was a ton in 1996.   He pulled his left pec and then literally had his right pec pulled OFF THE BONE.  He was a really good player before this.  Just agree to disagree that he was a bust.  He was pretty much a stud, and was going to be paid like one by at least two good teams.    Albert was busty, but never really played consistently. 
    • MegaStrachan hype anyone? Or should I be alone this year?  
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