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Greetings Colts fans!     :)    St. Louis Rams come east to Indianapolis across Interstate 70 to play our Colts for an NFC West interconference battle at LOS.  Gametime begins right after 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time. NO injuries, go for win # 7, and GO COLTS!!!!!     ;)     :excited:        :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :helmet:  :blueshoe:  :cheer:  :coltslogo:         :thmsup:  :D


Complete Colts Vs. Rams Game Preview, NFL Live Gamecenter, and NFL On FOX TV Distribution Map:








Colts Vs. Rams Pregame Injury Reports:





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    • I gotta give it up to Gilmore. Whenever he was on Kelce, he made it difficult.    Thomas at safety was actually really good.    Pinter has no biz playing in this O-line. None. Strausser should be fired for not doing anything about it. Not to mention Smith has been really bad ever since he got paid. I hope it's due more than him trying to cover for Pinter.....Either way, super frustrating!   About time they started using Woods.    Sky Moore gave this team 6 points. Thanks dude.  Thanks to KC's kicker as well.  Chandler Jones won this game for the Colts. Big ups to him    As long as Frank is calling plays, this offense will have issues. The guy has zero feel for the game. How many 3rd downs did KC blitz?? Every single time?? Why were no adjustments made?  Ever since he's been here, this team CANNOT run screens. (nor defend them) He called 4-5 of them on 3rd and long, which he's done throughout his time here. WAY too predictable.  Why is he allergic to slants??  Just use Hines as a slot WR already.  Frank costs this team more points (4th down, my sheet says go for it DeR, dEr, DeR) than he helps them score.    Pederson and Siaranni led teams don't have a problem scoring points.   Kenny Moore got waxed on that missed throw by Mahomes.    Good job Yannick finally.    Also, it was nice to see Mclaughlin scoring some points. Whew! 
    • Colts won me 400 dollars yesterday and we are now 1-1-1 more importantly, 400 is sweet though, that will pay my car payment this month - I wish I could've bet 80% of the forum in here, I would be rich today  (just messing with you guys)
    • He doesn’t make guys miss often in space , he normally get tackled and slammed or runs towards the sidelines trying to get to first
    • A good win over a quality team. Baby steps. Oline needs work. Hopefully as the season goes on this team continues to gell on both sides in the ball and we get better.  Our rookies really stepped up and showed promise. This next game against the Titans will be interesting.
    • You have season tickets don't you? 
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