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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • 1) I understand that your proposition isn't about Hilton vs. Fountain. But that was the original premise, right? And since this a Saturday morning move, trading Hilton isn't really on the table. The original premise was 'we should have gotten rid of Hilton rather than Fountain,' so the responses about Hilton vs. Fountain aren't really directed at you. At least, mine were not.   2a) You're one of the most emotional posters on this site. So the first bolded is rich.   2b) The second bolded is dead wrong. And I like a lot of our young guys. (I don't want to argue this. We can just agree to disagree.)   2c) The Colts are still in the race for 2020, and Hilton is our best receiver. (Again, we disagree.) You're claiming on one hand that Hilton could bring back a fourth (another point of disagreement, from my standpoint), while on the other hand claiming that he's not worth very much to either the Colts or anyone else. I said earlier that I don't think a team like the Packers would give up a 4th for a 30 year old receiver on an expiring contract. So if WRs are replaceable and easy to find, then why have the Colts struggled to find someone to complement Hilton -- we're talking seven years now -- and why would a contending team give up a 4th rounder for 8-9 games of his service? I think you're making conflicting arguments here.   3) It's rare for teams that are in contention to trade away mainstay players at the trade deadline. Teams that are not in contention trade away malcontented players who are unlikely to re-sign. Sometimes, good teams trade away really good players that they won't be able to afford (which is where the Belichick protocol comes into play). So your insistence that you're thinking like a GM doesn't quite hold up. A team like the Colts, at 4-2, trading away a player like Hilton, isn't something that most GMs would do.   Additionally, if the Colts move on from Hilton after this season and he signs somewhere else, we'd be likely to get at least a fifth round comp pick for him. So 'getting nothing' isn't really what we're worried about here.   Lastly, you can offer the 'unemotional business decision' characterization of this idea as a reason to disregard the locker room and team culture, but just because you don't value Hilton's impact to the locker room and team culture doesn't mean his impact has no value. This is another point of disagreement.
    • You are too funny, pay me a toll as well then - JUST JOKING 
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