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Some late bye-week thoughts before the 2nd half of the Season begins....


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All in all,  I believe Colts fans have to be pleased...    the entire Conference appears to be more wide open than ever before.   Even the best teams have some sort of issues....    while there are lots of teams to respect,  there's no one to fear.


At least,  not as of Nov. 2nd there isn't....


Some late Broncos game thoughts....    pleased to see Pep throw in some wrinkles.   Glad to see some very early no huddle offense.    The scoring play to DHB was absolutely inspired.  I've never seen that play in roughly 45 years of watching the NFL.   The moment he reversed his direction while in motion,  you knew something was about to happen.   And after he caught the pass you knew he was it was a TD after two strides....    a play they put in for a big game in an important situation.


Just what I wanted to see!


And, for the most part, the team plays hard and smart.   That's what Grigson and Pagano promised and have delivered.   Can't ask for more than that.   You play hard and smart and you're going to win more than you lose.


Of course,  in the 2nd half of our season it will be interesting to see how we use Trent Richardson and who Luck turns to to be his go-to receiver in the clutch?   My money is on Coby, but nothing would surprise me.


As for the schedule...


Houston is wounded,  but still has a great defense.


Cincinnati just lost Gino Atkins for the rest of the season. 


KC is playing great, but how long can they do that?    If Alex Smith has to beat the Colts,  can he?


But while the 2nd half of our schedule is filled with probable wins,  some times a team that looks like an easy win can rise up in the 2nd half of the season when there's no pressure on them and they've got nothing to lose.   Colt's have to be very careful about not over-looking anyone.


I honestly thought we'd lose to San Fran, Seattle and Denver.   Shows you what the heck I know!!     God, I love when I'm wrong when it means my favorite team is doing better than I expected!


So, being 5-2 is as good as we could hope for right now.    Now,  can we stay healthy enough to make the playoffs.    If we get hot in December,  then things are wide open for a deep run in the playoffs....


Really looking forward to it!     Happy to be among all of you to cheer on the Colts!     :thmup:

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