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Question of the Day - 11/01 "Blue Friday"


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@Tenn is harder than @Hou.


That could very well be, depending on Locker.  If he plays like he did earlier in the season, they're a very dangerous team.  This division isn't as easy as some are saying.


I'll be very surprised if we sweep it.  4-2 would be acceptable as far as I'm concerned.

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Nah, I'll go with the facts. We swept Tennessee last season. And we haven't won at Houston in awhile.

So I'll say Reliant stadium is harder for us to win at

The facts this season are that Tennessee is a better team than Houston when Jake Locker is healthy. They are a scary team and the divisional opponent that actually poses a threat to make a run.
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The facts this season are that Tennessee is a better team than Houston when Jake Locker is healthy. They are a scary team and the divisional opponent that actually poses a threat to make a run.

And you said the key words. "When Jake Locker is healthy". Is he ever truly "healthy"?

I mean he's not even healthy now. So a few hits from Mathis he'll be back on the sidelines

I would say we let Landry hit him but we don't wanna send him off in an ambulance haha I joke I joke

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I'm not too worried about losing the division. The only team that can realistically beat us out is the Titans and they have a fairly rough 2nd half schedule. They also play us twice. If we can take care of business against them we shouldn't have a problem.

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    • Looks like I will have do another Sunday juggle
    • @w87r    Or if he shows something we keep him on the 53
    • Nice to see.    You can tell that is coached and very well. For them both to move together almost mirroring each other not even looking during live action.   The more I think about it the more it impresses me(gives me confidence in team).   More on the  coaching end though, because that is clearly something they worked on this week. For this particular opponents blitzes.   Small things like that get me jacked up thinking how in tune this team just might be.
    • And let's not forget that Dezmon Pattmon is on the roster and is 6'4 like Pittman. Don't be surprised to see him out there.
    • I like it. Never can have to much.   ***1. We have 2-3 roster spots open. Im sure 1 of the 3(Burton,Ya-Sin, Day), wont be playing come Sunday either. Ya-Sin already holds a roster spot, so that leaves 2 guys for 3 spots open.   2. We grab him now keep him for 3 weeks then try and get him back to our practice squad. When Turay hopefully gets back.   ***assuming we had 3 roster spots open, as I didnt recall filling our 2 IR hits last week. Then 1 more from Pittman. ****   When they didnt bring anyone in, I had a feeling they were going to try and snatch some practice squad guy, someone on the protected list.   Carter was protected all 3 weeks. https://www.dallascowboys.com/news/updates-september-2020   The whole thing is a little weird though.. The verbiage in the tweet didnt make it sound like a tradition practice squad signing.(terminated)   Then the link above says he was released...?   "What is surprising is the way the practice squad opening came about. Rookie defensive end Ron'Dell Carter was released after being protected on the team's practice squad for the first three weeks of the season. Carter was one of the biggest undrafted free agents in the Cowboys' 2020 draft class. They guaranteed him $145,000 to sign with them, topping offers from dozens of other teams. With the amount of veteran depth on the Cowboys' defensive line, reps were hard for him to come by during training camp. Carter is expected to sign with the Indianapolis Colts."   Maybe he doesn't even have to go to main 53? Pretty sure he is anyway.   https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2020/09/29/cowboys-lose-coveted-dt-prospect-rondell-carter-to-colts/   That article speaks very highly of him.   I had saw his name as I was looking over protected practice squad players over first few weeks. So Im lookimg forward to seeing what hes got.
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