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    • The Colts are honestly getting very good mileage from their draft picks.  If Luck was here, which isn’t Ballard’s fault, this team would be right up there with the Chiefs competing for a Super Bowl.  Franchise QBs are very hard to find, especially if you aren’t picking in the top 5 of the draft.  Remember Ballard had ONE draft where he was looking for a QB too.  Every other draft he’s done with the impression Andrew Luck was going to be here.  
    • There are always QBs around that can produce enough with a strong team around them until such time as you hit on your QB.   Not that he's the guy I would want, but if you needed a replacement for Rivers who would not be a bad addition, look at the QB the Redskins are using.  Kyle Allen is not a franchise guy, and is not necessarily starting material, but he has had to sit behind Cam in Carolina and Haskins in DC despite outplaying both of them.  There are guys like that who don't get their fair shake or are simply picked on their entire careers because that helps to justify other moves that were made.  Yet when things go bad, they are asked to pull the team out of misery.    Case Keenum was like that too for a few good years.  Foles fits that mold, as does Fitzpatrick.  Not saying that I want any of them now, but QBs like that emerge from the ashes of other teams and they are good enough to buy time.
    • they were never punished, the league did look at it and let it slide 
    • IDK specifically, but it seems like some teams are getting more mileage from their draft picks and signings than we are.  Some teams are getting less too.
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