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Though it's very difficult to determine which option is correct sometimes, I do try to apply this very logic to anyone who posts anything that I don't agree with.

Call it a defense mechanism, or denial, whatever, but it supports my ego. :)

I love it!

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I'm not looking at one stat. The person I originally quoted said that DHB has a chronic case of butterfingers. All I did was point out that Reggie Wayne has more drops than DHB.

and like I said Luck has more INTs than Hasselback. While Reggie has more drops it's because he is targeted more than DHB. It doesn't mean Reggie drops more passes than DHB in terns of percentage of passes thrown to him which is a better way to compare drops.

With that said, and I think you agree on this part, worrying about DHB's drops is a little pre-mature. While he's a had a couple of big ones this season I think he has played pretty well as a whole so far.

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Nuts! DA is out for the SEASON.

The thought is adding Now to WIN BIG NOW!

ANY addition in a needed are, especially a veteran, might be the difference in a Big Moment in the playoffs.

YOU want a guy that is now on the practice squad or still on the street to be that guy. OK!

Its moot now, but NOT a bad idea to strengthen the team when you can, for the right price.

Actually, if you read any of my posts, I had wanted to trade for a reciever who was proven and could take the place of Reggie. I didn't want Fred Davis because we have two young talented tight ends. Fred Davis would only be a one year player, once Dwayne Allen comes back next year. I also don't see the big uproar with Fred Davis. Yes, he was good before the injury, but he has already lost his job to a youngster.

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    • I liked it a lot, but I found that baseball purists did not like it as much. Even though the Yankees beat the Mets most of the time, most of the games were competitive and the games the Mets won brought good memories.   I recall where I was when this happened. (I get chills. ) I remember walking in the street and I jumped up when utility man Matt Franco got this walk-off hit off Mariano Rivera at the bottom of the 9th. My eyes glanced at a man sitting in his car, who screamed at the same time. It was rare for Mariano to blow a save. This was around 1996 or so.     Listen to that great call. I love it!   That was one of my favorite Mets teams.   
    • Again in terms of projecting values out, this all depends on how we see Braden Smith valued.    I said to go high at $10M a year based on a few things:   1) If you asked many people is Braden Smith a top-5 RT, most would say no. I think he is. either way a top-5 RT slots in at an AAV of $10M a year right now   2) Most of the guys getting top $ at RT got that top dollar by getting it on the open market. Lane Johnson is the exception. However, the Eagles gave him that extension when there was originally talk about him moving to LT as Peters aged. The guys that signed extensions with their current teams got $10M a year or less.    3) This is to say I think Smith can totally get over $10M a year if he hits the open market and wants to test the waters. However, if the Colts looked to extend him now and give him financial security as a 2nd round pick that has not made much money yet in his career and did so in a year where the cap came down and a lot of players are going to take less money if they are not a superstar, I think him signing a deal averaging $10M a year would be a win for him and the Colts     At the end of the day, my entire point of this thread was to simply point out that us investing $50-$55M in a starting OL out of a future cap of around $200-$220M is very, very doable and arguably reasonable in terms of how Ballard likes to build through the trenches. Having an OL tie up 25% of your cap and a combined OL and QB tie up less than 40% of your cap for the next 3-4 years is actually very, very reasonable.   I have admittedly been a big advocate for Trent Williams. He is aging, sure. But he has shown no signs at all of slipping. And he even has one less year of wear and tear on his body from sitting out a year with the whole tumor fiasco where Washington really didn't do right by him with their medical team. So would I throw a 4 year deal at him with big money where the only guaranteed money was paid out in the first two years and then there were salaries on the back end that can easily allow a cut if the performance dips? Absolutely.   Either way, this was really to just get our base chatting about all this since the canned narrative everyone is spitting out is the same narrative that is being fed to fans from the media that says "they'll have too much tied up in their OL with the extension for Kelly and the upcoming extensions for Nelson and Smith." I'm just saying if we managed things the way guys like Mike Bluem have been, then we can comfortably invest in a top FA  LT if we wanted to without it being overly painful downstream. 
    • I personally do not like the idea of trying to come up with a stop gap or developmental guy at the most inportant position on the OL. Solidify that position with a dependable proven LT whether it  Villanueva or someone else. Same with DE. Find a proven pass rusher and pay him. Use the draft or WR, CB and solidifying other positions including OL. I think we are very close to being in  SB contention and 3 to 4 good players may push us over the top. We can't foolishly throw money at these guys but if we are prudent we have plenty of money to carry us.
    • Yeah, my little voice partly thinks the same (perhaps contract year type of performance). I just hate saying it out loud, as he was considered very very raw when drafted. He was used all over the place at USC, and relied way too much on his natural gifts instead of technique. Maybe he was a bit lazy, but it's also possible he was just raw, wasn't able to focus, and things are just now clicking. Or maybe he was lazy a bit, and finally grew up or matured enough to commit to his craft.    He's an interesting guy to follow. I could see it falling either way. I remember his recruiting out of HS (think he was out of Mainland) Thought for sure he'd end up at FSU, UF, or Auburn. My FSU and Auburn buds thought he was a lock lol. One of my FSU buds swore USC bought him a car lol. I was hoping ND would offer, but rumor was, he didn't have close to the grades needed.    
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