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What type of money is Davis looking at the end of the year?

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Shouldve extended this past offseason

Based off last year that wouldn't have been a bright move at all...Especially while still on his rookie deal. He has showed much better consistency this season than last season (And for very good reasons). He's earned the contract extension based on this year, not last years performance.

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5 year 40 mil  13 mil signing bonus, he would be worth it.

I dunno.  Lets say he's a top 10 CB (and I think he is), you'd be about right (though the signing bonus is a bit high).  But if we value him as a top 5 CB, and I think he's close, his average salary (base+signing bonus+workout/performance based bonuses) would be closer to $10 million. If you ask me, I'd say he'd probably get a 5 year deal at around $45 million, $13, million signing bonus $5 million base (per year), with $7 million in other bonuses, give or take.  That would put him just under Jonathan Joseph, the 5th highest paid CB at $9.75M per year and just above Joe Haden at $8.55M per year. 

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I'd offer him Brandon Carr money, 5 yrs $50 mil. and nothing more.


He has a chance to play for a winning organization for that money or take $60 mil. for 5 yrs with a team that stinks. He has seen what life can be with the Dolphins, so hopefully the fact that he is offered double digit millions for an average helps us sign him.

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