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    • That truly was a terrible angle Willis took. Could've been held to just a bad 20 yard play on that one.
    • Where did I say that?   But,  as long as Ballard and Dodd have their team in place, I feel good about our chances to be highly competitive.   The only problems we’ve had have been when we’ve been without Andrew Luck, in 17 and 19.   When we’ve had Luck or Rivers we are a very competitive team.   Just look at some of the recent Super Bowl participants.  Only KC is really doing well.  The Pats are struggling.   So are the Rams and the Eagles.  Seattle has been hot and cold.   Same with SF.   My point is...   this game is really hard.  Staying at the top is hard.  Being elite year after year is hard.     But not only do you casually dismiss achievement, but you write off players as busts who have been mostly injured or haven’t been with the team long enough to know.  You’re jumping to conclusions, and there’s a good chance some of those conclusions could be wrong.     So yes, I like our future.  I like our GM and the front office he has.  I like his drafting and I mostly like his free agents.   As a fan, I’ll take our chances here....   I’m not predicting a Super Bowl, but I think we will have a good team moving forward.  
    • Yup, It was a pretty horrible day all around for the DBs. At least Willis had a PD and a QBH, which none of our other DBs did...    And even without Autry, I was pretty disappointed with the DE pass rush given they had a 3rd string LT.. The DL had zero sacks and QBHs...    Just bad...
    • Also Autry, Buckner, Bobby could all be back.
    • "We've been playing with fire -- and the fire caught us," Colts coach Tony Dungy said.  (After we lost our first game in our SB winning season: Colts vs. Cowboys - Game Recap - November 19, 2006 - ESPN -- https://www.espn.com/nfl/recap?gameId=261119006)    ___   Yea, sometimes Superbowl winning coaches say very 'silly slogans' after losing a game.
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