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Coyer has to go. this defense is a joke....

Not having Nevis or Moala healthy hurts. That was supposed to be a major bolster to the middle of our defensive line. Our secondary definitely needs work, but the scheme doesn't bother me as much when we have the right players.

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I watched a bit of the Philly-Washington game and there's a bit more. I'm not sure why the campaign died down to much, it's still has another 2 weeks.

Maybe because the games last week ended up looking like big bottles of Pepto Bismol. I'm all for the gesture, but toning it down a bit wouldn't have been bad. Pink shoes, pink towels, pink gloves, pink wristbands, pink hats....etc....

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    • Never get in a fart contest with your center is, I believe, among the first 10 rules in the NFL QBs guidebook.
    • With so many ex-Colts on this team, it might get pretty emotional. Those Jets will either be extra fired up or extra intimidated. Time will tell, but I bet its a good game.
    • On 1070 the Fan today, they were discussing this and media people who were at the game last week said that the stadium could accommodate 15-20 thousand and still maintain social distancing. Probably too late to extend occupancy for this week... But for Cincinnati good possibility, especially since INDY easing constraints. We will see.
    • Fixed it for you.  For those that missed it (MNF, Cowboys/Giants game, I was listening in my car on Westwood One radio live) a black cat went onto the field while a play was in progress.  Kevin Harlan announced both the play, and cat movements simultaneously.  After the whistle, Harlan did play by play of the whole cat incident. It was really funny then, and still is now.  You listen to it here- Bob Papa (Radio voice of the NY football Giants) was calling the game as well, and also did play by play and stated "The cat, is not in the hat" at one point. A lot of folks had fun with it too.   The CAT, a football life-  
    • No, not exactly. Not even close. 
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