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Greetings fellow Indianapolis Colts fans! Our Colts travel down Interstate 74 and are in Cincinnati as they play the 3-2 and improved Bengals. Kickoff at Paul Brown Stadium is scheduled right after 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time. Colts will continue to resiliant as they try to upset the Bengals to perhaps finally earn their first win this season, and perhaps inspiration by Peyton Manning's presence, whether he is at the press box or on the sidelines.

Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcotts will announce the Colts/Bengals game for the NFL On CBS, but only six CBS affiliates will televise the game regionally, including WISH CBS 8 in Indianapolis On HD. Colts/Bengals game is also blacked out in Cincinati. Bob Lamey, Wil Wolford, and sideline reporter Kevin Lee will also provide live radio game coverage simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WHNK Country 98.1FM, and the Colts Radio Network.

I also wish no injuries to the players on the field, and see both players and fans happy winning your first game of the 2011 season! GO COLTS!!!!!

Colts @ Bengals Game Preview:


Colts @ Bengals NFL Gamecenter:


Colts @ Bengals NFL On CBS TV Distribution Map (In Orange):


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Wow. Nobody yet? Well let me be the first. Go Colts! Beat the Bengals. It's a different kind of season, people. But we have to keep hope alive. I can't believe I just quoted Jesse Jackson.

As bad as it feels to be winless after five games, they are still only 3 games back in the division with 11 games left to play. The season is not dead yet. If they had two 5-0 teams in the division like the NFC North does, then I would concede defeat and say that it's over. This is not the position that we wanted to be in. You never want to be playing catchup going into the tough stretch of the schedule. I'm not willing to say "die" just yet, though.

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Posted · Hidden by 21isSuperman, October 16, 2011 - Asking for a link
Hidden by 21isSuperman, October 16, 2011 - Asking for a link

Anyubody have a you know what they could PM me for a fan from the UK? They are only showing the Carolina Atlanta gaem..sigh.

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    • General Notes 1. On paper, our D should shut down their O, and on paper, their D is below average in just about ever aspect  2. On paper, our passing game should handily beat their passing D 3. On paper, our rushing O vs their rushing D is a wash, but many of the talking heads and fantasy folks love our rush O a lot more. 4. Peterson has been their bell cow, but Swift has been more productive. Swifts carries have increased the last two games, so don't be shocked to see that continue. He has 5 total TDs vs AP's 2.  5. Stafford seems to deal his passes around, with 5 different players getting between 25 and 31 targets each. 6. Stafford is coming off his best game last week, and he's won two in a row on the road. Both with good QBRs. 7. Only one bad loss (@GB) early for Detroit. Their other 2 losses were at home early to the Bears, and later to NO. Both by less than a TD. 8. Both Amendola and Golladay are top 10ish in AVG   Prediction - I just don't know what to expect from our offense. I'd love to see good balance, but could see either passing or rushing having a good day. While on paper our D should dominate thier O, I could see Stafford having a very good day if we play soft zone. I could see either team winning a close one. I'd love to see us start to look the part, and win it going away though by dominating both sides of the ball. Doubt that happens, and expect a close one. Line: Colts -3 O/U: 50.5 Colts Offense vs Detroits Defense Total Yards - #19 vs #22 Passing Yards - #10 vs #20 Rushing Yards - #28 vs #26 Points - #14 vs #20   Colts Defense vs Detroit's Offense Total Yards - #2 vs #23 Passing Yards - #2 vs #20 Rushing Yards - #3 vs #18 Points - #4 vs #15   Colts sacks allowed vs Detroit sacks #1 least (6) vs #28 (8) Colts sacks vs vs Detroits sacks allowed #18 (13) vs #17 (14) Colts QB INTs vs Detroits Defensive INTs #19 (6) vs #16 (5) Colts Defensive INTs vs Detroits QB INTs #1 (10) vs #9 (4) Colts RZ O vs Detroits RZ D #27 vs #22 Colts RZ D vs Detroit's RZ O #20 vs #18 Colts 3rd Down O vs Detroits 3rd Down D #23 vs #24 Colts 3rd Down D vs Detroits 3rd Down O #15 vs #26   Injuries.  Detroit - Starting LT (Decker), starging RB A Peterson,  and starting CB are all LP. All are questionable except for AP.   Indy -Kelly and Mo questionable. Kelly DNP, Mo was LP.   4for4 had this to say about our rush O vs their D https://www.4for4.com/2020/w8/o-line-rankings-and-matchups-exploit-week-8
    • I don't think any of the young QBs have shown enough for me to be desperate to trade for them(and if they had shown enough, they probably wouldn't be available for trade). The one that I can probably stomach us trading for(depending on price) is Darnold, but I don't think he's a surefire starter by any means, so...   In reality I prefer us draft our QB of the future. This has several advantages: - they will be cheaper for longer(rookie scale contracts are no joke... if you get a good QB on rookie scale contract you are in very advantageous position in regard to the cap... you can spend the extra cash on other areas of the team, strengthen weak spots or emphasize strengths - they come in as blank slates for the most part - they have not been scarred by horrible O-Line play(Darnold) and playcalling(Darnold, Haskins), they have not developed bad habits... our coaching staff would be the first professional coaching staff to get their hands on them and will be able to mold them in whatever way they see fit   My realistic favorite so far is Zach Wilson, BUT if we somehow are able to get into position to draft Trey Lance, I'd be pretty happy with that outcome too.
    • Wish this defense had an aggressive style more akin to Pitt.  I think they could excel.
    • And they are in the same division
    • You've lost it..   Do you understand what an average is? We are 23rd in AVERAGE PER GAME....  We're not middle of the pack. We're bottom 10.   We were bottom 5 in AVERAGE before we played Cinci and had to go pass happy to win. Again, you've lost it. Do you not understand a typical game plan tries to exploit an opponent's weakness. Jax was bottom 5 vs the run last year, did nothing to improve, and are bad again this year. Instead of trying to exploit that (like most sane coaches would), we went pass happy with a QB new to the org, without a preseason....   Tell yourself whatever you want. You look silly arguing this.
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