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This was an all out team effort from the coaches to the players. 60 minute of pure garbage.

Followed by numerous sound bytes from Pagano and the rest of these robots talking about "The run games gonna pop"

... Well

The chargers popped us in the mouth over and over and over and over again.

We flat out sucked in all phases as a Team

Pat had like 3 35+ yard punts ... Ughhh

The receiving core had drops galore ... Ughhh

Pagano's more than questionable situational decision making ... Ughhh

Greg Toler and Delano Howell ... Why

I end my synopsis with a "Go Colts"

... Back to Indy and get it together because if you can't stop Keenan Allen, Peyton only knows what DT, Wes, Decker and Thomas (4 Horsemen) have in store

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