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    • So any word on the mcl injury it’s almost 4pm
    • How do we know that?  Based upon being drafted on traits, can we say there has been much difference between Green and Benogu at this point?  I'll give you a third traitsy player drafted in the second round that did nothing, Jerry Hughes.  All that guy did in college was run around the college OT really fast to get to the QB.  Apparently Polian saw something that could be molded.  Never clicked until he got to Buffalo.  Hopefully, Ben turns into Hughes and not TJ Green.  As do Turay and Lewis.      But here's the deal that folks forget.  At that particular time, that spring, we didn't need a WR with AJ Brown's traits because we had just signed Funchess to start at $16M for one year.  We needed a slot, a WR with traits like Paris Campbell...and not even McLaurin, who was seen as similar to the Funchess/ Brown role.    It was the only point in time during the preceding three years that we did not need the traits that AJ Brown showed, because we had them secured on the roster under a one year contract.   Draft for need.  Look at traits. Seems like there is a little too much tunnel vision, or a narrow view to some of these decisions.  But that's just my view from a fans perspective.  
    • Yeah that’s not going to happen.  The only way he isn’t here next year is if a team wants him as their head coach which could very well happen.
    • We had very high hopes for Corey Davis here in Nashville and there have always been "flash" games. But he's never played like he's deserved #1 receiver status until this year where the consistency has finally been there.  Ironically that's been after A.J. Brown hit the scene and catapulted himself into #1 status pretty quickly.   The irony is that because of his lack of #1 production numbers through his first few rookie years, the Titans declined his 5th year option. Now with the way he's playing, it's more likely that he'll get more money on the free agent market than what we could sign him for. We had the same problem with RT Jack Conklin who began great, regressed some and got injured, then had a great year four and signed elsewhere.
    • Yeah that’s a good point too. I think Ballard and his staff need to start looking at their evaluation process. Why are they hitting on some players but missing on some picks that should be no brainers? Are they over-valuing certain traits and undervaluing others? Are they being to cautious or not cautious enough when it comes to medical? Why do they seem to keep striking out at corner and edge rusher? Because everyone misses sometimes but there’s more questions to be answered when you miss on the consensus players that most analysts have ranked high. Because while scheme does matter, players like AJ Brown should be a fit for anyone. Especially when a guy like Rock who was thought to purely be a press-man corner (although he’s bad either way) gets drafted to a Cover-2 zone team.   Another point to make is that when you miss with those first-third round picks, it makes it hard to build a complete team because you continuously fail to upgrade the areas that need to be upgraded. It prevents you from making “luxury” picks. Now credit Ballard because he has fixed the offensive line and the linebacker core, both of which were Achilles heels of this team for years, but corner and WR haven’t been fixed because of misses. Edge rusher also hasn’t been fixed. When you miss on corners, it prevents you from fixing WR. When you miss on WR, you can’t fix the pass rush. When you miss on pass rushers you can’t draft a TE high. Then to top it off, when you have holes at that many positions, it prevents you from packaging picks to move up for a QB if you needed to. And now you’ve got an injured left tackle (and the backup is garbage) who had already mulled retirement and had only another season left anyways.    Sadly, the Colts never seem to truly progress because we (going back to Grigson era) keep missing on early draft picks and getting stuck in a cycle of always needing at least one good player at 3-4 position groups to truly contend. And we don’t need them all. For example, having elite pass rushers would make you be able to get away with sub-par corners (although the corners can’t rack up penalties either). But you gotta start somewhere. We should honestly be at the point where we’re looking to draft the best TE and replacement for Castonzo in the first 3 rounds but man we need two starting corners and depth, another WR or two, two young edge rushers, etc...
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