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Colts @ Chargers Monday Night Football Game Thread


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Plenty of time kids ..  this is no different a start than most....


The Colts are a notoriously SLOW starting team ..   for what ever reason.


And D Reid is just horrible..   cut him.


yep we are......


And SD has imploded in second halves in their recent 2 MNF games. Hope it continues......

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I would say LT would be towards the top of the list.  Have to replace AC as it doesn't sound to me like he'll likely play here past 2021.     QB will depend on what the staff thinks of the development of Easton.  It's hard for us on the outside to know anything about how good he might be since there was no pre-season.     RB is another one to consider but we could look there in the 3rd or 4th rounds.  I don't believe in RB's in the first because there is just too little value.   
    • I don't mean they are not important, just that they aren't necessarily essential.     The conversation came up in that I thought the Line looked dominant today, and didn't last week.  They weren't as bad last week as I emotionally first thought, but I still think they were much better.  Might be because MN might totally suck.  Maybe not.   Did you think they looked better this week or did it look similar to you?
    • Two that I know of. Both WRs: Perriman and Hogan.    Edit: There's more. Our ex-team mate Quincy Wilson, Arthur Maulet, and Connor McGovern. 
    • I don't disagree that even if he didn't have the 1.5 sacks he still would've had a nice game... that said, I have a hard time hearing an argument saying that QB hits, TFL, sacks by the DL are not important.  Yes, they can help the LBs by eating up blockers even if they don't record sacks, but sacks and TFLs are huge for momentum in games and also assist in altering the play of the QB (usually in a negative way -- e.g., the reason the Giants beat Brady in the SB two times, IMO, is because they were able to hit Brady consistently with their front 4, therefore taking away his ability to find easy check downs and also making him a less accurate passer due to obvious frustration/being flustered).
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