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Colts @ Chargers Monday Night Football Game Thread


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • You are a troll.   Newly joined member, and you will see quickly that your posts will become irrelevant. Also, when you are posting stats to try and camoflage subjective statements you should keep in mind sample size.      You are comparing 2 games to stats based on 16 in a lot of cases. Also, there is such a thing called qualitative data. These things have no numbers, but can still be measured based on opinion, especially in surveys. The speed and force in which JT runs is something that is hard to quantify. However, it is something that needs to be considered especially regarding a rookie.   Truth be told, I think a simple statistics course would help you. OR perhaps a refresher.    Here is to hoping your post quality improves seeing as you like to post quite a bit.    AKB
    • Rightfully so...ppl aren't reacting to two games. Ppl question flus for his entire body of work and the continued issues his defenses have. I am all for enjoying the win but that offense we played yesterday is bad. Defense did what they were supposed to but now it's about stringing multiple games together and rising to the challenge against a BAL and Pitt, etc.
    • PFF grades Rivers as #7 QB through Week 2, despite underperforming OL and WR    
    • The NFL is now officially investigating the Jet's field after the 49ers filed a complaint that poor field conditions led to so many devastating injuries... We're playing them home right?    EDIT: Yes, we are playing at home and the Giants might be moving their game against the 49ers to a different site. Probably a good idea to be honest.
    • Hate to see this...he's had a lot of bad luck with injuries.  Maybe he just played his last game as a Colt, too?
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