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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • If you think Grigson’s teams had as much talent outside the QB spot as Ballard’s do you are entitled to your opinion.  
    • First of all, the flaw with this logic is the casually used phrase of, "a few seasons". The idea of giving up several picks to win now, means giving up high picks to replace Castonzo and Hilton, not to mention Houston and Doyle. Reality says that it would be far more than a few years.  Further more, this view fails to acknowledge the expectations of the front office. Every week.....every week, they are expected to trot out a viable product for fans to watch, root for, and spend their hard earned dollars on. Reality also says that a significant portion of fans would sour on going to games if the team was looking like a long rebuilding process.   For me personally, I much rather see my team be consistently competitive, hard working, and selfless in their approach to winning for the shoe, than to sell out to get a SB and quite possible suck for years. It's not even close in my world.
    • Its synonymous with both his reference and intent.  He said that if we had Luck, we would be deep into the playoffs and that meant that Ballard got good mileage out of his draft picks.  That would be a bad standard by which to measure that, and I explained why.
    • That's a testament to how good Luck is, not how good the roster is. 
    • Did you think so in February? I mean, were you advocating giving up one of the greatest hauls of draft picks ever to get him?    Also, it's been less than half a season, so maybe hold your water for a bit on Herbert. I like him a lot, but hindsight might be telling you something else in a couple months.
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