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Antoine Bethea most underated safety in the NFL


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I guess they had to put some of the clips in there to fill out the background song, but I wish they would have replayed his blitz against the Giants a few more times, just to remind me they have it in the arsnal. Some of the over throws they could have ommitted.

I also agree that he his a very good an reliable saftey and I am glad he is on the Colts!

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Hahaha, this thread seems kind of random to me...but I agree. Bethea is a great player in the NFL, he is very underrated.

Agreed, very random, and I would say that he is the most underrated safety in the NFL.

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    • I’ve found my new favorite way to watch a game.  Really gives you an idea of what's happening.    You can see play design, who’s out of position, who missed a block, who fell down, even who’s pickin their nose or scratchin their butt. All 22 on the field so you miss nothing.   I especially like to see the blocking bubbles grow or collapse on the line.   I just cant say how much i’m gaining from this.  Each play is run twice...once from sideline (all 22), then from endzone (all 22).  Great to see the plays develop, or a defender fly across the field to a tackle.   No sound, so i will still watch normally first (or radio sometimes for drama), but if anyone never checked it out..... you must!  I cant believe i waited this long.  I have such a better idea of what we’re trying to do and who looks good or bad on EVERY play.   Also, i feel better about last week after watching for some odd reason.  I kept finding myself saying “oh, thats why that happened.”   The normal perspective is such a focused frame , usually on the ball.  We’re missing all the little battles going on in the periphery.
    • Well the misconception was the Jags were going to tank this season. No one told them that.  Your sky is falling opinion is way too pre mature. 
    • My questions are can he find the crack and what will he do mean the crack ain’t there.  Wisconsin doesn’t do cracks, they block chasms against the cornfield circuit.
    • Many die hard colt fans are sugar coating this loss as they want to believe so hard that this was a fluke or lol actually believing the Jags are a good team!  After the Jags just unloaded ALL their probowl talent, you think the roster is loaded?  If their loaded, what do you call this colts roster?  I think the Colts overlooked their opponent even know they haven't won there since a grip.
    • Gotta disagree with you here Nickster.  Taylor racked up almost a thousand carries at Wisconsin with over 6k yards.  I doubt he's got any issues being ready between the tackles at the NFL level.   They just gotta get him ready now.  Make sure he knows his assignments basically.  Nothing against Mack here, but Taylor's a big play back.  He can flip things for you with just a seam at the line of scrimmage.
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