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* Press - Peyton Belongs In The Conversation For Most Valuable In Any Team Sport Ever


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Colts' woes show QB's value


Manning's greatness left Colts unprepared

Perhaps no player has ever been as valuable in professional sports

same AP article , 2 sources

Excerpts of long article

Jim Litke | Associated Press

A Super Bowl title, four MVP awards and playoff appearances in every season save one during the last decade, speak volumes about how much Peyton Manning means to the Indianapolis Colts.

But not enough.

Manning isn’t just the most valuable football player of his era. He belongs in the conversation for most valuable in any team sport ever

. He’s mastered the game like no one since Otto Graham took the Cleveland Browns to the championship match in each of his 10 seasons.

Using the draft, trades and free-agent pickups, NFL contenders continually strive to strike a balance between the strength of their offenses and defenses. But in the modern game, with its increasing emphasis on scoring and protecting quarterbacks more than any other player on the field, a top-flight passing attack has become paramount.

Manning was so successful for so long that the Colts became dangerously lopsided.

During his tenure, their running game became an afterthought and the defense, used to chasing opposing quarterbacks forced to throw often to make up the deficits Manning built, evolved into a one-dimensional unit. They were fast enough to pressure the passer but too small to win most wars of attrition.

With hindsight, it’s easy to see how Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay and football chief Bill Polian were caught unprepared.

He didn’t just execute a game plan every Sunday with stunning efficiency, he usually devised it and, when necessary, improvised on it in those chaotic few seconds before taking the snap.



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I said the moment when he was going to be out for some time that this injury would do more for his legacy then another Super Bowl win.

People always pointed to everyone around him like Clark and said he has all this talent, but over the past five weeks it has shown that Peyton has carried this team and is the main reason why this team has experienced so much success.

If you are a perennial playoff team and in the hunt for the Super Bowl year after year you should not totally fall apart even if you lose your QB.

When we lost Peyton I knew the playoffs were out of the question, but I figured we could win five to six games, but now I'm struggling to find two wins.

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Sometimes we confuse best and most valuable.....

You can argue best QB in the NFL all day and all night..

You cant argue most valuable..

the way they talk...Manning ran the practices, too...

He'll be our offensive co-ordinator sometimes..

I think all the so called media experts when visiting practices always said g he ran them

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I wonder what effect him being on the sidelines had on Curtis Painter last week?

Dont know all I know is he wont call painter, he will wait t for Painter to ask him something, Buit that doesnt mean he and the coaches dont talk and glean some info that may be used on both sides of the ball, after all he doesnt have to study his game clips of his throws and can evaluate how our D is attacked by opposing teams

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