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Not exactly a body slam, more of an ego-slam.

Hahaha Ken I went to that game years ago. We went with a buddy who's a Dallas fan........ So soooo long ago, sad part is I can barley remember it but I do remember hunter with the tackle and DS just dancing all over the place.

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    • BUT WATSON DID NOT STATE THOSE REASONS.    Those reasons are being stated by people who take his side, making up the notion that those were long standing issues with Watson.  He signed a contract extension with HOU 5 months ago.  HOU was bad before he signed the extension.  Heck, OBrien was the HC when he signed the extension.  By the twitter message in the link below, he seemed really happy about playing for HOU back in September.   Its all a big lie.  He wants a trade because he's escalated a double downed a stupid comment he made about HOU not interviewing Eric Bienemy and slandered the entire organizations hiring practices.  He can't apologize because he's too arrogant and righteous. I say let him bid with himself again and escalate it by holding out if he wants too.     He looks like a fool, and some people are running to his defense because its bad optics for people who want to criticize hiring practices possibly being wrong, so they are pretending that Watson is now upset over something else more long standing.   https://www.nfl.com/news/texans-qb-deshaun-watson-agrees-to-4-year-160m-extension      
    • Negative but nice try.    Justin Houston was a stand up OLB at KC but translated well to a 4-3 DE. And you want him back.    The idea that JJ Watt is not a fit for the Colt defense is comical. He would be an early down DE and could move inside on 3rd down.  He fits all across the line. On any defense. On any team. There are different base defenses that he has been tied to.   
    • So mock drafts at this time of year are fun, but shouldnt be taken with any level of seriousness. We haven't had any type of pro days, and free agency doesn't start for another week. Two weeks before the draft is the optimal time for mocks.
    • I doubt other teams will show much interest in Brissett.  I think Brissett or another veteran QB can be brought in at a modest price. I agree about the multiple needs we have.   I concur. 
    • As great as a lot of our teams were, only the teams that won it all can be considered the greats of the greats. If you don't finish it doesn't matter. Just like the 2007 Pats, they can't be considered because they lost the SB. On paper the 2005 team was the best but they lost in the divisional round, in 1968 the Baltimore Colts lost to a Joe Namath team they had no business losing too. It is unfortunate but it happens. 2006 and 1970 are the 2 teams that stand out because they won the SB. 1958 and 1959 do as well because they won the Championship.
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