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    • It's a combo of things but it is good to have a moblie QB if your line isn't dominant. The mobile QB of course has to be able to throw and be accurate in key situations. It would not shock me at all if the Ravens won it all this year once Lamar gets healthy. Regarding Luck, when he would run, he ran like a RB at times and tried to run people over. You have to be smart about it. Josh Allen is a lot like Luck IMO, he runs a lot but is smart about it.
    • Telling people they’re wrong and explaining why they’re wrong doesn’t make someone cyber bully.   If that were true, this website would have hundreds of cyber-bullies.   But that’s not the case. 
    • After reading these comments all I can say is it seems like a few speak like somehow they know Andrew Luck on a personal level. None of us will ever know him on a personal level so trying to explain and understand him is impossible.  He is not nor has he ever been your typical football player.  I hate to say it but he was too nice to be a long-term QB.   
    • No it’s not.  Again look at the beating Andrew Luck took and he could scramble as well as any of these QBs can now.  Look at RG3 as well.  Most of these Mobile QBs still have really good lines in front of them.  You need a really good line rather your QB can move or not.  It’s even more important for the Colts when you factor in Taylor as well.  
    • Mel Kiper just said Will Levis is the best QB coming out. I just don't see it Mel.    My list would be: 1. Bryce Young 2. CJ Stroud -after that a crapshoot! I really liked Hooker until his injury and IMO Max Duggan is a sleeper. What makes Duggan dangerous is, he can run a 4.5 40 and is accurate on the run. He is very underrated. 
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