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OH MY GOODNESS .. A CJ Spiller sighting

John Dee

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CJ and Martin have KILLED me this year in my primary money league, among others who are killing me in all my other leagues.    NOBODY is scoring for me.


This coach for BUFFALO is a stone cold *, he has no clue how to use Spiller.    AND only gave him 8 carries last night?   Trashard Choice and old man FRED got the majority of the touches?  This can't be happening?


HEY MORONne or whatever your name is ...   Get Spiller in space and stop trying to run him in between the tackles every dang carry.......   It's not rocket science.      Oh and here is a unique Idea...   how about throw him the ball every now and again??    hhhmmmm


Oh and not ONE target for SPILLER, the teams most dynamic play maker......





I won't even go into my frustration with Tampa BAY and Martin.


Rant over....

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Your first 2 picks in FF go a long way to your FF success.


When my first 2 picks in 2 leagues were McCoy and Forte or McCoy and SJax, I have managed to be 2nd or 3rd in a league. But when my first 2 picks in 2 leagues are Doug Martin and Stevan Ridley (happened in my church league), I am just cracking the half way mark of the league.  One of my friends at work, his first 2 picks were Arian Foster and Jimmy Graham, so he is obviously doing well there in that league. In the other, it was C.J.Spiller and Chris Johnson, and it has backfired to give him last place in a 10 team league.


The sad part is in the 3rd league, I had wanted McCoy all the way for the first round pick in every league of mine and I spent an extra few minutes with my daughter for her reading. I missed the start of the draft by 2 minutes and the first 3 were in auto-pick mode and the system chose Doug Martin for me for the 4th pick. Oh well, I will consider it valuable minutes with my daughter that I gained as to a FF round 1 pick that I lost. :)

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