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A life-long organization dedicated to D-E-F-E-N-S-E the Bears still have not joined the rest of the NFL. The last standout QB they had was Bill Wade a very long time ago. This is an organization that took a tight end, Bobby Douglas and put him behind the center. Their Super Bowl win was defense, not offense. The hideous performance last night was due to no discipline coming from coaches that are proven failures as their resumes show. Paying the money to get Cutler was like the Houston Texans drafting Carr only to destroy his career thinking he also would not need protection. This type of mentality stems from ignorance, ineptitude and not caring about anything other than a paycheck and we have all seen this in our working lives. Imagine a group of "professionals" sitting around a table and making these incredibly stupid decisions, "duh, ya boss". Cutler should start packing his bags now because he is a fool to believe things will change.

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I am surpised Cutler has not got sevrely hurt behind that offensive line this year.

DETROIT -- I noted Monday night that I felt a pang of sympathy for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who played a pretty decent game in a 24-13 loss to the Detroit Lions despite constant pressure from the Lions' active defensive line.

How much pressure, I had no idea.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Cutler was under duress Monday night on a higher percentage of his passes than any quarterback in a single NFL game this season. On 16 of his 38 passes, Cutler was either forced from the pocket, had his throwing motion altered or faced a defender with a clear path in his line of sight. He was sacked three times and hit six times, according to press box statistics.

That all came despite the fact that the Lions sent four or fewer pass-rushers on 90.5 percent of Cutler's drop backs.

The chart shows how the pressure Cutler faced stacked up against the other top instances around the NFL this season.

What in the world were the Bears thinking this offseason? They did not really address the offensive line at all. Yet, their QB was under duress on 42.1% of dropbacks while the Lions only had to rush four or fewer people 90% of the time. That is embarrassing and is a great way to get your QB hurt.

The Bears front office is a joke and have done nothing to help Cutler do well there. He has Forte and that is it on that offense. The offensive line is putrid and he does not have a real number WR on that roster. Knox is ok, Hester is a converted corner, and Roy Williams is Roy Williams.

At least when our front office sees a problem, offesnive line, they at least throw a bunch of crap at it and hope something sticks. The Bears front office just doesn't even try to address it.

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King Colt's comment about David Carr reminded me of a song that was played on ESPN radio at the time. I don't remember it completely or probably even accurately; but since I have always had a crush :wub: on David Carr, the song still somewhat lingers in my head.

It was set to the tune of the Christmas song, "Do You Hear What I Hear" and Jay Cutler's name could just as easily be inserted. One of the verses was something like:

Said David Carr to the offensive line,

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?

A blitz, a blitz, coming from the right

Soon, I will be out of sight,

Soon, I will be out of sight.

There was another verse that went something like:

The stars, the stars, are dancing in my head.

The O-line has left me for dead.

The O-line has left me for dead.

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let's remember the lions have a sick d-line

I would agree with this being the reason if every game this year didn't look similar. I hate Cutler more than anyone except Philip Rivers, and still have some sympathy for the guy. They might win five games this year at this pace.

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