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Flex Help: Hilton, Edelman, Thompkins, or Jacquizz

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We start 2 RB, 2 WR, and 2 Flex. I'm deciding on my last flex spot between Hilton, Edelman (@ATL), Thompkins (@ATL), and Jacquizz Rodgers (NE). Right now I have Hilton in...I'm really on the fence because I'm not sure how we will come out against Jax. Rodgers is my last choice, and I have no idea who to start between Edelman/Thompkins. Not PPR--standard 0.1 pt for every yard, 6 pts for TD, and 2 point bonus for going over 100 yards. Thoughts?

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Man, NE WRs are so hit and miss. Game 1, Edelman gets the TDs, game 2 Dobson gets a TD, game 3 Thompkins gets a TD. Maybe it is russion roulette and Edelman gets a TD this time, who knows??? Watch out for the injury reports. I'd go with Edelman because Falcons do not cover well in the slot. Plus, Falcons have beefed up against the run at the cost of pass defense.


Rodgers is interesting but he is in a timeshare that is only somewhat productive for either him or Snelling.

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