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Go Colts! and hears a laugh in the face of ALL the people, news casters, tv personalities and absolutely everybody else who didn't believe the colts could "compare" to the 49ers. and especially to the woman on the Colts pre-game show who admitted she likes the colts but that she "had the 49ers in this one"..........BY TWO TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!   IN YO FACE! lmao

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I think more credit should go to Grigs for bringing all those guys in.  I wasn't really sold on Grigs after last year.  Sure, he had a great draft, but it was just one year.  But given the moves he has made this year, he is showing everyone that last year wasn't a fluke and Irsay made the right decision in bringing him to Indy.  For example, I wasn't really sold on the Bradshaw deal, but he has been playing some really good football.  Keep it up, Grigs!

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