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This is how you win playoff games.


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Now I know it's only one game. I'll preface with that. But today's game was a great example of a team built to win in the playoffs. When we needed to make that 3rd and 2, we ran the dang ball and got it! We didn't have a QB in shotgun getting sacked bc someone whiffed a block. We didn't have to put up 35 and hang on with "bend but don't break" shell defense.

We still need more pieces. But man, I haven't seen a game like that from the Colts since, well maybe the Baltimore playoff game in 2006. High flying, record setting regular season teams with average defenses rarely win Super Bowls (see Green Bay in 2011, Denver last season, NE since 2005). We flipped the switch in 2006 (and to some extent 2009) but other than that, it was one and done, or early exits in the snow in New England.

The cool thing is, we have the capability to go vertical if needed. But we didn't need to today.

Again, I know it's ONE GAME, but it's a blueprint. This is the monster Grigson and Pagano want. And at least for today, they (and we) all got it!

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Yeah in 2006 er early 2007 we went into Baltimore and punched them in the mouth in the playoffs and ran the ball better on them then any team had all season.


That was the best D in football too.


But allllllll we heard about was Manning's stats. As if a QBs stats are the be all and end all even after he manages the game well in a tough environment, completes clutch plays and can get the run game going effectively and uses it.


My point? Today I saw some of the same flashes. We went into another teams hostile environment where we were expected to get punched in the mouth hard. Instead we established ourselves and controlled the game.


Running the ball is the ICING ON THE CAKE. If you have a good QB (like Luck) and can run the ball the sky is the limit!  And we have two VERY good RBs. Oh man.....

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