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We have scored on all three of our opening drives so far this season, which is excellent.


In our 2 wins, Luck has been perfect at the beginning of the game (5-5 on opening drive and 11-11 to start game vs. OAK and today was 5-5 on opening drive and 6-6 to start the game).


I like to see this a lot -- I think it is a result of our balanced offense and sound game-planning.


I don't know if there is any record or what has been done in the past by other teams or the Colts, but that would be nice to see the Colts score on every opening drive this season.



*** I stand corrected by Boiler_Colt -- AV missed a 52 yarder to start vs. Miami and then hit a 30 yarder on the 2nd drive.


We are 2-0 when Luck is perfect on the first drive and it results in a TD.

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We didn't score on our opening drive vs. Miami did we? Regardless, I agree good game planning at the start, but we needed to show some adaptability in those first two games. I think it really shows the work Luck puts in preparation in practice and the film room.

Vinatieri hit a 52 yard field goal to start Miami game.

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    • Tony Romo a good Broadcaster? hahaha ok we can agree to disagree on that one. But the Lol was towards ESPN for always trying to add everyone however i would love to listen to Rivers talk.
    • Mo is a Free Agent as well. Doyle is under contract though. 
    • During an off-season where people are screaming about how bad the interview process is being handled by teams over-looking African-Americans....   Houston now pours gasoline on the fire by interviewing a guy who was mostly a career backup who has not coached at all in the NFL.   And they’re interviewing him for Head Coach.   Not QB coach coach.   Not OC.   But head coach.    A worse look the Texans could not be putting out there.   Feel bad for McGowan.   A huge mistake by the Texans.   Or should I say...   yet another self inflicted mistake by Houston.    Josh McGowan may be a good head coach someday.  But that day is not today.    Embarrassing. 
    • Lance also wasn't playing vs SEC and Pac-12 defenses like Eason was. Lance well could be special, but likely not in 2021 and maybe not in 2022 either--which IMO is where the Colts' most likely Super Bowl window is, especially w/ their OLs and Leonard, Taylor and Pittman signed to their current contracts.   I think Ballard & Reich have to decide if they do feel their window is now, with the current OL and defense (with or without Eberflus), in which case I think they really have to try for another veteran QB. If they don't feel that way, fine, then start a post-Luck modified rebuild either w/ Eason, Lance, or some other new guy, while trying to hold on to Nelson, Leonard, etc as long as possible.
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