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    • I tend to lean that way as well. Garson had 4 catches in the regular season his rookie year and then took off as a solid number 2 behind Reggie with Collie in the slot (and Clarke/Tamme eating up receptions as well).   So I'm guessing He either gets he Patmon treatment and makes the roster but is a healthy scratch every week or they try to stash him on the PS for the season. Either way, by 2022 the combination of Patmon, Pittman, Strachan, Campbell + will be lighting the league up with their combination of size, speed, high point abilities and catch radius! I'd have Pittman and Campbell operating out of the slot or in motion a lot to run the underneath stuff and use their run after the catch abilities.
    • Prediction:   Eherlinger, Strachan and Fries all go to the PS,  assuming they can get there and stay there. 
    • Its hard for me to say with absolute certainty what i see on Strachan until i see him in front of NFL competition. Theres a lot that goes on mentally and route running wise at this level that he will need to get in step with. If he can show in the early stages the ability to be a deep threat then thats something to build on. I dont mind if we take our time with him. As i said before my bet is that Patmon should come out on top bc hes had that year to develop. And hes already spent the offseason getting in tune with Wentz and Pittman. Im betting we are comfortable with where Patmons at. We had the huge PS last year and we never once attempted to put him on it. He stayed on the regular roster from the beginning until the end.
    • Happy Mothers Day to those present and those that still dwell in our minds and hearts.
    • We definitely have some size at WR, let's hope they work out as like @Scott Pennockalluded to, Wentz could have a field day.
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