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Breaking news: Colts trade for Trent Richardson (((merge)))

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I'm excited about getting a really good, potentially GREAT player, but I'm very dissatisfied if we really gave up a first rounder. 

My thoughts exactly.  Potentially great RB, but I don't like giving up a high draft pick.  But if TRich plays to his potential, it will definitely be worth it.

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    • In the pinned thread about players the Colts have expressed interest in.  There a post with a tweet and I think a link to a StampedeBlue story.  We’ve shown interest.  
    • For what it’s worth, Ballard has talked about the WILL as the key LB spot of the three.  As it is, when there’s only one LB on the field, it’s Leonard.   So he plays some MIKE.    Ballard talks about the WILL as the key to the LBers as he does the 3Tech being the key to the DL.   Those are the top two spots on his defense.      
    • X - Pittman       Pascal       Patmon   Y -  Doyle        FA/Draft        Alie-Cox        Togiai   Z - Campbell        Dulin   Slot - FA/Draft           Harris         
    • With the lack of college games and a normal combine, I have not followed prospects like I normally do.   Where did you find that the Colts were interested in Stevens?
    • Sounds like he made bad football decisions about OBrien and Watkins.  If that's the basis of Watson wanting out, that's understandable.  Not sure Watson has mentioned that.   That other stuff is drama that gets elevated for other things.  If Easterby is viewed as a "try hard", big deal.  That's probably an accurate perception, and rather benign.  That, combined with his football decisions shows that he probably not bright enough to handle his job.  Again, if the guy is an incompetent person, that would be a reason to want to leave.  Haven't heard of that being the reason.  The reason stated was more narrow.   And the stuff about McNair saying the prisoners running the prison is a non issue. Always was.  If someone is bothered by it then they would have to be the one holding the warped view of associating black players with prisoners, I assume that was the context why that statement got criticized.    Its a fairly common expression, and it does not have a racial context, until someone pretends that it does.
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