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Irsays newest tweets!


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Why would anyone want britt? He can't stay out of trouble, and he was a mediocre player to begin with made even more mediocre by his knee injury some time back.


When the Titans don't want a WR, it's pretty well time to just move on. Only the Jags have worse luck finding decent WR's.


Britt is trash. No need at all for him.

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Am I the only one that enjoys his tweets...???  :lol:   


I find him entertaining  :applause:    And what else would you all be talking about anyway?

Firing Pep, Manusky, and Pagano

The greatness of Drake Nevis

Whining about only throwing 43 times vs the dolphins

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    • It does not necessarily have to be QB.  The formula for teams winning,....unless you are the LAR...has been to get impactful players who play at high levels while still on their rookie deals.  That way, you get pro bowl/All pro play relative to cap hit and still have the ability salary cap wise to go get those high priced FAs to get you over the hump.  Superior talent at just about every position.     The Colts have lost that window because Kelly, Hooker, Nelson, Leonard, and Smith simply never played the "correct" positions for this formula, and now the Colts are bumping up against the cap...paying for every bit of talent it gets instead of getting a lot of it for "free".   Hopefully  JT, Pitt, Pierce, Woods, Rogers, Cross, Paye, and Dayo... rookie-deal guys in impactful positions, play like probowlers.  Could happen...they have the talent.  Maybe the Colts FO will be ranked in the top 5 in a few years.
    • Third and long, sure. Short yardage, red zone, goal line, probably need to be able to block to play TE.   I don't think his hands are suspect. I've watched plenty of his games, there are a few drops, nothing too alarming. His technique as a pass catcher is sound.   I don't know how you conclude I have things mixed up about his weight. He was 259 at the Combine, not 253. He's listed at 253 on the Colts site.  https://www.pro-football-reference.com/draft/2022-combine.htm https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jelani-woods/3200574f-4f50-0422-b6bf-870b499f48cd   You can disregard the college measurements if you like, they're generally not reliable. But 20 pounds is dramatic. Ok State (where he was almost exclusively a blocker) and Virginia consistently listed him at 275. ESPN listed him at 265. More importantly, Ballard said he'll play at 255-260, which is right around where he's measured/listed since spring. So the article stating the team wants him to put on 25-30 pounds is unfounded (and most likely comes from a misunderstanding of Ballard's "230 pounds of lean mass" comment). And he can certainly get stronger in his lower body without putting on such a significant amount of weight.   The comp to Mo is natural, although Mo is a slightly higher BMI guy and not as athletic/explosive as Woods. But when Ballard was talking about Woods and brought up Mo, it was specific to the challenges they'll face as blockers, given their height.
    • The list of bust is more than the list of successful QB's taken with high first round picks.  You mentioned the Bears and Fields (who is not a bust...yet) but you cannot forget the Bears with Trubisky.  That went for 4 years before letting him go.  
    • No need to rehash a bunch of history over Ballard's draft picks.  The rankings are opinions more than analytics.   CIN could have picked Tua, or traded down for something.  I'm simply saying that they maximized what picks they have had.   Like CIN with Burrow, the Colts were lucky Ryan became available, or else our FO might be in the bottom 16 right now (Autry and Houston for Lewis and Ben, stuff like that).  IMO.    
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