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    • As for the tackles, smith is decent in pass pro, very good run blocking, AC is great in pass pro, and decent in run game.....
    • Lets way and see till we actually play a balanced offence. We will about mid way and then we r going to see who is legit on this team. 
    • Not sure others see what you're seeing here.... After last year, Kelly was ranked sixth overall center by PFF, fourth best Run blocking center and one of only seven to give up one or less sacks.....   As for your call on the guards, even as a rookie Nelson was 2nd among all OG in times he let his man, Within 5ft. Of the QB, again....as a rookie.... He hasn't exactly fallen off here, or anywhere....   And the oft-labeled "weak-link" ( aka least of a great unit) Glowinski's pass pro as thought of by others?..... Well, he did give up 42 pressures in some 700 snaps..... So yeah, you got that one pretty accurate.
    • Lets all wait and see.  I am not going to jump on the band wagon. When they play the meat of their schedule and play well, then mayb then I will look at the D differently.  Until that time. I am basing my view of the defence on 2 years under Ballards drafting and Eberflus' coaching. My assessment so far is that they r a below average defence. After 2 games, I am not overly impressed.
    • Good picks and good luck to you next week 
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