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Mikel Leshoure to Colts?


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Anything more than a future "compensation pick" for Mikell would be bad. 


Leshoure has more value to the Lions as an insurance policy to Bush/Bell health than as trade bait. His contract is small. They have no pressure to move him for peanuts. Deals for low round draft choices probably won't get a second look.  And compensatory pick must be used, not traded.

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On that last play, where Brown whiffed, we should have had Bradshaw, or at least Havili in...Brown ran the ball decently in the game, but in an obvious passing situation, he's not the back I would want in there protecting Luck...This just shows how bad Ballard is going to be missed..


We should have signed Vontae Leach when he was available...just for blocking purposes..and he can catch a short pass here and there, but I guarantee, no way Freeman gets by Leach on that last missed block by Brown...and he opens holes WAY better than Havili..since PEP is set on a "power" running game, why not get one of, if not the best FB in the league, and we could have gotten him....


Hindsight is 20/20 though...


Just my 2 cents..


The O-Line really needs help..I'm seeing little if any improvement there, esp now that Thomas is out...Cherilious was a slight upgrade.. but they need help BAD!


Back to the topic...NO on Leshoure or any RB, unless we have another injury to the backs..


Every Year Leach is always good in variable ways, many talents out of a backfield, nit just a blocker


I agree he should of been obtained

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