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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Tomato, tom-ah-to.  Thanks for the correction tho, that is a slightly more interesting matchup imo.   I'm in central il too.  We used to get colts games all the time (or it felt that way anyway) during the Manning era.    I'll probably just buy a service, feels like the best way to get the content I desire.  I'll wait til we get a win tho.  If last Sunday's D becomes a trend watching 2 minute recaps and highlights online may be all my heart can handle.
    • Bingo.  Kinda shoots the opinion of zone coverage out the window for those who are harping on it.    Most of those who are complaining are not comprehending what they are seeing. 
    • Yes they did use Ertz last week. He had 3 catches and a TD. 
    • That play where it appears Rhodes gets beat across the formation for the TD doesn't really make sense to me. Rhodes is playing off coverage all the way on the outside and he's asked to follow the inside receive who runs up  under the linebackers across the field.  Seems to me on a play like that if the guy runs inside you would pass him off to somebody else.  I mean if you ask Rhodes to cover that guy based on where Rhodes was positioned the guy is already going to be wide open regardless because of the angle.   I hope I said that right. 
    • The only way the seat starts to get hot is if Buckner and our draft picks play like busts all year. I think if Rivers has a bad year it is a bit of a wash because he is on a 1 year deal and there weren't any clear long term options available. (Maybe other than Cam, but I don't blame them).    If Buckner doesn't start to show up like we expect then that is a huge problem. If Taylor and Pittman don't show nice growth then that is also very bad for us.   That said... I'm pretty optimistic that that was just a bad game. On paper we still look improved and we knew going in to this offseason we might still have some holes that need fixed even by season start. Particularly in the secondary.
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