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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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It's going to be a loooong day. What's up with. Heyward-Bey? :(

He, and Fleener have both missed catchable balls. Coby's was a little tougher.

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Angerer never ever turned to see it coming... regardless the outcome would have been bad. Yikes.

He was supposed to have safety help over the top, it looked like.  But Bethea went for the pick and didn't properly judge where the TE was

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Colts mgt did such a wonderful job building a team around Peyton so that he had lots of protection and different players who could catch his passes.  The running game was good too.  I think Luck deserves to have as good if not better O Line to keep him safe and a selection of guys to catch his passes (and hang on to them dammit) PLUS a tight and mighty Defense.


Luck shouldn't get sacked more than 4 times a SEASON instead of in a game! 

Irsay needs to step up surrounding Luck with a massively protective O Line,  great receivers,  get a great running game going, and some Defense that actually can stop the run, create turnovers, and kick some butt!

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    • At my essential business, I know four people who acquired it out of about 50 people. Three of the four had only mild symptoms. One did have to be taken to a hospital and put on a respirator, but returned to work within a few weeks.   As long as you practice basic sanitizing (ie. washing your hands), don't have preexisting health conditions, aren't 70+ years old, and preferably don't smoke then you shouldn't have to worry. The biggest one is avoid touching your face; if you have to, use the inside of your shirt.
    • Hmm, my only question is if they test everyone for COVID before entering the building (and I presume they use hand sanitizer also?), then isn't all the other precautionary measures redundant?
    • I wouldn't go that far.....  
    • And I do respect and support it, doesn't mean I have to understand it because we have to face the fact that we can't isolate ourselves for months or years and that we can't avoid the risk of getting infected. Regardless of whether you are going to the supermarket or meeting with your family there are things you have to do and there is no 100% safety out there. You said it yourself: So many opportunities to get infected. Not only on the field or the football bubble but in real life that we simply can't avoid.    And If Joe Nobody can go to the office every day I think a football player can go on the field. And as I mentioned a football field is a much safer environment than an office with tests on a regular basis it's probably one of the safest places especially if they play the games without spectators. They say that it takes at least 15 minutes of realy close contact to an infected person to infect yourself in a closed room. And there are a lot of measures to minimize the risk like a max number of people in the training room etc. And yes Corona is a serious virus I don't doubt that but it's not the killer virus that is threatening to exterminate humanity. What we are facing now and that is noboby talking about is that we are dying a slow and steady economic and social death! But thats just my two cents.
    • First, I’m not sure it’s known just how much time you have to be near an infected to actually become infected yourself.      Second,  think of football this way...  every huddle, and there roughly 65-70 of them each side, each game is an opportunity.  Each play and tackle is an opportunity.   Every time a player goes in the team complex is an opportunity.   Every time you’re in the locker room, the weight room, the team meeting room, the positional meeting room, you name it, they are all opportunities.    There are so many different opportunities to get infected.     Plus, you talk about young people...   those people have their entire career in front of them.  The longer this drags out the more we learn that we don’t know as much as we thought we did.  That even when you’re Covid free many still report issues with their heart and lungs.  That’s not good for anyone,  especially athletes.  Young athletes are trying to protect their careers.    These decisions are complex, but you have to respect and support every decision,  no matter which way it goes. 
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