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    • I would have no problem with that.  That’s the problem when two sides both love something sometime neither get as much as they should.  
    • I have no problem with it as it was a nice tribute. I can also appreciate a guy that likes NFL history , particularly the old Baltimore Colts. Even though the franchise is no longer located in Baltimore , there were great memories and history made there. The old Baltimore Colts of that era were as iconic as the Brooklyn Dodgers. A lot of great football history went down between 1958-1971.  I wish Irsay and Bisciotti would get together and hang those old Championship banners in Baltimore and Indy. It would be a nice tribute to those old players who are left, or even their kids or grandkids.  The weird thing is because of the aftermath of the move, the franchise history is in Indy , the Super Bowl 5 trophy is in Baltimore , and the banners are nowhere to be seen. Long overdue to change the latter. 
    • I simply think they got too cute with draft picks outside of Turay. Turay was actually seen as a better run stopper than pass rusher in college, so I still hope he can be a 3 down guy. Lewis was a tweener, Banogu was just a raw guy that lacked technique (due to scheme he came from), and the whole SAM stuff was a stretch from the start.   You also have to consider we blitz less than most in the NFL. So they're expecting the DL to get home without much help. I don't know if that's Flus, or Reich's conservative nature. Flus was much more aggressive in Dallas.
    • Yeah trades at the deadline are either teams getting rid of players to go full rebuild or to go all in on winning it this year.  I don’t think the a Colts fit either of those.
    • Personally, I think Mack going down early in week 1 changed the game plan.   Also, aside from the 2 bad interceptions, Rivers was very efficient passing vs. Jax.  Before he got hurt (I think it was the 4th offensive drive - TD drive 1, Hines got stopped on 4th and 1 at Jax 3 drive 2, Rivers threw pick drive 3) Mack was very effective as a runner and receiver out of the backfield.  The missed FG, getting stuffed on 4th and 1 deep in Jax territory on our 2nd drive and costly interceptions certainly didn't help, as it allowed Jax to stay in the game and then take a lead.  Had we gotten that 4th and 1 we could have easily been looking at 14-0 after our 2nd drive (or if we kicked the FG, 10-0).  The 3rd drive, Rivers threw a pick which gave Jax a 27 yard field to work with and they scored to tie it 7-7 -- all the sudden, we're looking at a tied ball game instead of a 14-0 game.  I'm  not sure how much trust the coaching staff had in Taylor week 1 into his rookie season without having a preseason, but my guess is that if we got up 14-0 or 21-0 we would've ran a lot more (if Mack didn't get hurt, I also think we would've stayed with the run a bit more).  We were pretty balanced the first two drives.  Also, it was week 1 -- now everyone knows the Jags don't really have a good run D, but that wasn't such an easy assessment with no tape from this year available on them that first week.   I'm with you though, other than the NYJ game, we haven't really been balanced on O.  It'd be nice to get more of a balance during the final stretch.    
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