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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Posted · Hidden by 21isSuperman, September 15, 2013 - response to hidden post
Hidden by 21isSuperman, September 15, 2013 - response to hidden post

sent you a PM check it outI'm listening to the Colts on streaming radio which is difficult.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a trustworthy, online site that would stream the game live without costing me $200 like Direct TV charges....

sent you a PM check it out

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They're giving Luck the ball more and it's working...


Take a hint. Bradshaw looks solid in all facets so far.

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    • I thought we’d go 8-8 or 9-7 with JB, the rooks, turmoil of losing a franchise QB. we’re not that far off, even with all the injuries.  Which were many.   I was hoping we’d squeak in the playoffs.   I also thought Frank wanted an offense that put pressure on the D.  I really didnt see the creativity i did last year.  Not gimmicks, But creativity in formations and playcalling.  Perhaps it was due to our losses at WR and TE.  I also was confused by our bi-polar personality when it comes to risk and being aggressive.   I dont think the sky is falling (long-term), but some changes, and perhaps tweaks, are necessary.
    • I did that already either you understand it or you don't 
    • We currently have pick 15--if Tua is still available, would you take a punt and pick him, with the thought he would miss his rookie season?
    • Well, I have not thought the team was bad since Ballard got a year under his belt and hired his own coach. They have had struggles...as any rebuilding does, but the Colts also lost their schemed for QB. Every team gets injuries, but the positions that the Colts have lost to injury are particularly important to the development of a new QB.   Let's just think about what if......   What if the Colts take a high draft pick at QB next year....and the guy faces what JB had to face in the two years he has been a starter. Few would get through and remain as a starter, unaffected career wise by the losses, the scrutiny, and the pressure. Verrrrrry few. Thank the stars that the Colts have a QB that is as tough as Jacoby Brissett is. He is double tough. I would take his toughness against ANY QB coming out in the draft. He may not be that guy, but he is the right guy right now.....and for the forseeable future, until that guy becomes a possibility. Just because there is  a few QB's slotted to go high in the draft, doesn't mean it is the right year to snag one.    In the meantime, keep adding pieces, and manage the cap. When the Colts name is called in the draft, I want them to take the player that they see is a franchise player....regardless of the position. If that is a QB, so be it. But let's not become a struggling franchise that passes on a golden player to grasp for a QB.
    • Depending on a series of decisions we make this off-season I wouldn’t rule out drafting a RB in the 4 rounds.  (I’m assuming by 5 picks you meant 4 rounds?  With 2 picks in R2, that’s the way the math breaks down.)    Just thinking out loud.   I think it’s way too early to rule most things in or out.     
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