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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Posted · Hidden by 21isSuperman, September 15, 2013 - response to hidden post
Hidden by 21isSuperman, September 15, 2013 - response to hidden post

sent you a PM check it outI'm listening to the Colts on streaming radio which is difficult.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a trustworthy, online site that would stream the game live without costing me $200 like Direct TV charges....

sent you a PM check it out

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They're giving Luck the ball more and it's working...


Take a hint. Bradshaw looks solid in all facets so far.

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    • Assuming we do draft a QB, It's really going to be interesting to see 1) who they like more between Love/Herbert/Eason, 2) where Love ends up in the Mocks as time goes on and thru the combine, and 3) if Love or whomever they like is projected to go late 1st round or early second, will the Colts gamble a little, take a DL with the first, and trade up to take a QB (or vise versa).
    • I love it. I hope it was Ballard that made him declare at least in part.    This at least gives us a chance to get him. IMO had he transferred to Oklahoma and played one more year he would have been out of our range next year.    It's time for Ballard to earn his money now. 
    • I hope he comes back. We still aren’t good without him.
    • I don't even like either WR, so I wouldn't pick either even if they dropped to our third rounder.
    • That's why I suggested they might pass on QB. They have 3 picks in the 1st, and have a ton of holes. If I were them, I'd upgrade both lines with two of those picks. I'd pass on QB, take an OT with the first, DL with the second or trade back, trade back the third (both trade backs for a 1st next year and 2nd this year), and see if Rosen can do something with an improved OL and supporting cast. If not, go all in on Lawrence next year.
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