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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread


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You win some you lose some. The o-line looked better, Thornton was a big part of that coming in, the defense had pressure... and got 5 sacks. Mathis was Mathis. Luck made one mistake, but the refs made their share too. Colts are 1-1. The season is young like our team.

How about Coby Fleener coming up with a big game.

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Worse defense ever, this is not the big monster it the big weeney thee defence played soft with no heart and the offense again to ppredictable worse calling again it like in the second half the colts just blow it again

Please. You saw a different game than I did... baby steps.

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Colts have this week to regroup as they travel to the Bay Area in California to play the San Francisco 49ers, and will try to have a 2-1 record next Sunday. I'm sure both Andrew Luck's  and Coby Fleener's friends and families may be at Candlestick, since both players were students  and teammates down the road at Stanford University in Palo Alto.  Until next Sunday, GO COLTS!!!!!  :)  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :colts:  :1colts:  :coltslogo:

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Urgh Refs have a lot to answer for, but the Phins played well and that pick killed it.


Can't blame the refs on this one. Not stellar by any means, but if you want to see a jobbing DEN/NYG was the game to watch.


And Denver still kicked their butts.


Anyway, O-line/blocking in general still sucks and cost us the game. Luck had zero time on that last play/no chance thanks to another fine god darnit, Donald moment.

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