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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Colts gameday is here again, everybody!   :)   Our Indianapolis Colts play their second straight home game, and also seek their second straight road win, as they host the new look  Miami Dolphins at LOS.   Dolphins traveled up north again to play their second straight road game, have won the previous Sunday, defeating the Browns 23-10 at Cleveland.


Today is the 72nd regular season meeting. Indianapolis though trail behind in the all-time regular season series with Miami at 25-46, including losing two playoff games, witha winning percentage of 35.2%.  Rivalry began after the AFL-NFL merger when the Baltimore Colts shut out the Dolphins 35-0 at Memorial Stadium back in November 1, 1970.  Colts though are in a four-game regular season winning streak, including defeating Miami in their last game together 23-20 at LOS back on November 4, 2012.


LOS's roof may be closed for the  1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because mostly cloudy and clear skies at 71 degrees is the  is the local forecast in Downtown Indianapolis,  along with  44% humidity, 10% precipitation, and south/southwest winds at 8 miles per hour.


Dolphins may wear their matching white jerseys and pants, while the Colts wear their traditional home blue jerseys, and white pants on the field this afternoon.

NO injuries, stay both Colts Strong and Chuck Strong, and win your second straight game in 2013. GO COLTS!!!   :cheer:   :excited:  :rock:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :colts:  :1colts:  :pass:  :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :D

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Interested to see how they will play Mike Wallace. Wallace was locked down all of week one. He is to good to have that happen to him again. The runningbacks don't scare me at all but I think Tannehill will play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder against Luck. He is the least talked about among the young QB's from last year. I see this game turning out to be another Luck saving the day and will be decided by 7 or less.

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    • I mean, it just says "Round 1 options" so it could easily be someone not in a decision making role with some thoughts that they have or would be presenting to decision makers, or it could belong to a decision maker who just has some options laid out. I don't see this as any indication that this trade would be happening, but it's not unlikely that those conversations have taken place. Teams line up all kinds of potential trade deals for draft day. They don't just start making calls the moment they're on the clock and hope they can find a team that wants to trade with them. A lot of leg work is done ahead of time to gauge interest and potential baseline compensation.   Because that trade deal makes a lot of sense, I could see this as being legitimate, although again, just one of a number of options for GB.
    • Depth at OT is much better then Edge.  If we could get Paye or Phillips in the 1st round and grab a OT in the 2nd I would be ecstatic.  Still should have one of Eichenberg, Radunz or Little at pick 54.  Any of these 3 in the 2nd I would be happy with.      If we go the other way around I'm really not sure what Edge player we could target in the 2nd (maybe Ossai, Basham or possibly Tyron).    Don't get me wrong if Slater or Darrisaw is sitting at the 21st pick I'm pulling the trigger.  Would look at Cosmi in a trade down situation.
    • PS. Yes our perimeter players r young. However, as of yet I do not see one who I think is legit. I am speaking of WR, CB and DE. 
    • Smith 13 million? He is rated as one of the best young RT's. U think he is going to watch Nelson get say 20 million when he plays a more important position? Look at the salaries for RT's. This Oline is bout to get very expensive. I would say to expensive.
    • Eichenberg isn't exciting, but he doesn't worry me either. I'd much rather have Darrisaw, but that's been looking less and less likely.
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