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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Colts gameday is here again, everybody!   :)   Our Indianapolis Colts play their second straight home game, and also seek their second straight road win, as they host the new look  Miami Dolphins at LOS.   Dolphins traveled up north again to play their second straight road game, have won the previous Sunday, defeating the Browns 23-10 at Cleveland.


Today is the 72nd regular season meeting. Indianapolis though trail behind in the all-time regular season series with Miami at 25-46, including losing two playoff games, witha winning percentage of 35.2%.  Rivalry began after the AFL-NFL merger when the Baltimore Colts shut out the Dolphins 35-0 at Memorial Stadium back in November 1, 1970.  Colts though are in a four-game regular season winning streak, including defeating Miami in their last game together 23-20 at LOS back on November 4, 2012.


LOS's roof may be closed for the  1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because mostly cloudy and clear skies at 71 degrees is the  is the local forecast in Downtown Indianapolis,  along with  44% humidity, 10% precipitation, and south/southwest winds at 8 miles per hour.


Dolphins may wear their matching white jerseys and pants, while the Colts wear their traditional home blue jerseys, and white pants on the field this afternoon.

NO injuries, stay both Colts Strong and Chuck Strong, and win your second straight game in 2013. GO COLTS!!!   :cheer:   :excited:  :rock:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :colts:  :1colts:  :pass:  :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :D

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Interested to see how they will play Mike Wallace. Wallace was locked down all of week one. He is to good to have that happen to him again. The runningbacks don't scare me at all but I think Tannehill will play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder against Luck. He is the least talked about among the young QB's from last year. I see this game turning out to be another Luck saving the day and will be decided by 7 or less.

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    • I like him too, but the 6' 2" height would probably hurt him as a 4-3 DE in these current times.   He might be a better pass rush OLB    
    • I truly hope we draft two DEs this year.   Its THAT important   One that might get at least some starting reps, one that we can develop for later   I think Jones COULD be one of the guys who has some measurables, that we pick up in round 4 or 5.      
    • I can't see Ballard, a calculating man, agreeing to getting a QB based off of a coach's crush.    We were in a tough situation. There weren't a lot of fantastic QBs out there to choose from in FA. Stafford required way too much. The rest weren't worth the money and or were never realistically considered for trade.    We were never going to be able to command enough capital to move up in the draft to get a rookie starter. So here we are. Wentz was simply the best option with a bad hand dealt. He's familiar with the system, he has a good rapport with the coaching staff, he has shown potential in the past and the organization deems he's worth the risk to "fix".    Numerous NFL analysts are all agreeing that this was a good trade and a good fit for Carson and the Colts. Could this all fail? Sure, absolutely it could. But as of this moment this was basically our best option.
    • I know this is SO RIDICULOUS!! I can't tell you how much this pisses me off. Whenever people say that I instantly get enraged and want to storm off. It's not supposed to be used for this, like why would a GM threaten another. I don't think those people know anything about the NFL. 
    • I was thinking cut down on this 
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