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Colts lost to Dolphins last year?

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the dolphins didn't beat us last year.

Exactly.  It also wasn't played in Miami.  I just found it humorous that he wasn't just wrong, he was completely wrong.  I've always enjoyed watching Dameshek's NifL segments, but now I know not to take anything he says regarding actual football events seriously.

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These NFL.com guys are some of the worst in the business honestly, Ian Rapport predicted the Colts to go 1-15 last year before the season started and Albert Breer can't see past the million pictures of Tom Brady he has on his computer when writing an article.

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Dameshek is brutal.  He and Adam Rank both need to be fired from NFL.com immediately.  They contribute nothing of value and aren't even funny enough to be kept on for comedic purposes.

I think what kills me is that if I was just a casual fan I would take this info as fact.  It's bad enough my girlfriend and her whole family are Patriots fans, the majority of my friends from college are Titans fans, and I now live in the Chicago area where it's Bears or you're wrong.  I simply can't deal with defending the Colts against an error-filled "professional."  It's just too much, I tell you.  Too much!

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