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Guys I Don't Expect To Return After This Year


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I'm just going to give you a list and a couple of reasons why these players won't return after this season. Here's the list:

Donald Brown -- Delone Carter has token his spot, and on the one play he goes in he screws up. He's in the last year of his contract, and don't expect the Colts to pay him.

Anthony Gonzalez -- Although Reggie Wayne is getting old, there is the NFL draft and free agency. Anthony has been injured the last couple of years, and right now he's only used as a depth player... i.e a backup that doesn't play.

Ernie Sims -- He's been injured and Kavell Conner has done a great job replacing him. We only signed him to a one year deal, and we won't resign him to back up.

Ryan Diem -- He's getting old, and just getting him to take a paycut was hard enough. He's useless and I expect Ijalana to take over at RG.

I hope you're right. Diem is a joke, can't stand watching him.

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