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    • As much as many of us thought the signing of Breeland or one of the other FA defensive backs made sense it's looking more and more like that that ship has probably sailed.  Ballard is probably going to wait for cut down day to make any future moves.   But if he really has interest in any of them he might want to move pretty quickly. 
    • If Bell was offered $14 mil for 5 years and he truly wants to get paid what he.s worth (and not just win an argument with the Steelers), he should have taken it. If his play in 2018 and 2019 equals what he has done previously, his contract would have been guaranteed for 2020.. If his 2020 play maintained his standard....LVB would have been paid for 2021...and so on.   By not taking the deal, he could be forced to accept a much smaller salary in 2019 (somewhere else) and could be unemployed and unpaid by 2021.  It sounds like the money, while important to him, isnt as big a deal as 'trying to win the argument' (one he cant win) about the pay scale.    The NFL doesnt pay injured or washed up players millions simply because they signed them to long term guaranteed contracts years before they got hurt or went down hill performance-wise.  That's one reason the league is so successful financially.
    • I don't hate preseason. It should be shortened by one game though. 
    • Exactly,  He just isn't worth it..when you consider his replacement value. He just got offered the best contract he's ever going to get as an active player in the NFL...and he turned it down...   ...And his arguement is bogus.    You cant use other players salaries at your position to base your salary on when you are under the league pay ceiling (which the franchise tag does) and then use other positions salary scale to base your salary on when you want more.  That's like the best paid offensive tackle claiming that since he clears the way for the QB and blocks for rushers on top of it...….that he certainly should make as much as the QB who only throws passes..right?   The assistant manger at Kentucky Fried Chicken certainly should get paid more because he does all the work the workers do,  virtually is the manager in the evening, works 40% more hours  and stays till closing time while the manager goes home at 5 p.m. Sounds great. Try flying that argument past the colonel.  You can get all the leftover wings at closing time but you don't get paid the manger's money unless you are the manager.  
    • Chavez with 2 perfect relief innings...
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