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Zibikowski Suspended For PEDs

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I give this a big meh.  I bet a good portion of the NFL uses some form of PEDs.


I just cannot get to worked up over these things.  For the most part i just watch sports for entertaining and really do not care what these guys do to themselves or on/off the field. If they want to ruin their bodies more power to them.  That is not my problem, but I wish the NFL would either take a stand against or just allow them.  

If you want to stand against them then say first time failing a test you get a season long ban.  If you are dumb enough to do it again then lifetime ban.  Players will get the hint real fast, but really I do not think the fans nor the NFL wants that.  Could you imagine a big star player like AD or Peyton being given a lifetime ban?  


We will continue to get these slap on the wrist suspensions of no name players like Zib and the NFL will pretend like they really care just like the concussion issue and fans will turn a blind eye as well.

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