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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I'm always cautiously optimistic, but always suspected as much. Here's my thought over 9/20-23   9/20 This injury may heal on its own with basic care, rest, and rehab. But if the strain/tear injury is severe enough, it may require surgery. I believe that's (MCL only) not all. We'll know more soon.  But I had a feeling it wasn't ACL during the game, and was hoping for only a milder MCL from that blunt blow at worst.  Time (and imaging) will tell. Then on 9/21 I was hoping for an MCL only, but always felt there could possibly be more (but not an ACL). The MCL generally has a high potential to heal conservatively, non-surgically, on its own. Nevertheless, there appears to be a lower threshold to surgically address the medial ligament if a significant instability also exists because of a PCL injury and deficient knee.  They are likely checking these scenarios out, thus the delay in deciding on the upcoming healing plan.   Then on 9/22 When I saw the hit on the outside of the knee, It said MCL to me.  To what grade was/is unknown. But the replays I had were inconclusive if there was also any frontal impact (which may lead to a possible PCL injury as well).  That's why I was reserved and that there could be more.  And if the reports that he also has a PCL injury, that complicates matters, significantly lengthens rehab time, and maybe even suggest internal interventional remedies {surgery} that might end his season. I await updates.   So lets wait to see what the surgeon actually performs before completely writing him off thjis year, for now.
    • Even if it's MCL surgery it still takes much longer than the span of the season. 
    • It is an odd arrangement for sure. Not in a bad way necessarily...but definitely not the norm. Then again...JB's treatment has really been different from the get go. From refusing to trade him if the situation wasn't right for him...to giving him $28M before he took a snap...to keeping him as a backup after he failed and actually going through with creating silly plays for him.    They obviously really just like JB...but I don't think he will be back next year.     
    • The important thing is they aren’t ruling him out so there is a chance. They may be only repairing the mcl because the pcl seems to not require surgery as it tends to be better healing on its own.
    • What comment from JB are you talking about?    Every time Reich or Ballard talks about JB, even when asked about his desire to be a starter, they speak highly of him. They've openly said that they want him to have that desire to be a starter.    I don't think they have any issue with JB expressing that when he's asked about it.    You're acting like he's campaigning for the starting job.
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