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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Great info. Thanks!   I was curious about the above question posed by Dontevergiveup too. It seems relevant.    In addition, is there a metric that takes in to account whether the receiver got seperation by his own route-running, or if he was schemed open? In other words, did the receiver get the seperation by his own skill, or did the coach's play get him seperation? That seems helpful when determining if it was indeed the receiver's skill, or the coach's skill.   Finally, it seems that frequently dumping the ball off to a RB would increase the seperation numbers, as they rarely have someone relatively close by, and Rivers seems to do that a lot.   As someone not very computer savvy, I appreciate many of your advanced metrics posts. Thanks again!
    • Two things stand out here. One I am not joking and second, I am not the dense one. 
    • I'm anxious to see which injured players we might get back this week.  I think Leonard and Pittman would give us a nice boost.   I noticed that the last 4 teams to beat the Falcons all lost the following week.  The Lions beat the Falcons last week, so maybe we keep that trend going?   This one looks like a toss up.  If we get Leonard and Pittman back, I like the Colts to come out on top, 27-24.
    • Thanks for sharing.   I wonder what these stats really tell us, since it is only for plays where the receiver is targeted.   I can't speak for last year, but the popular take I get from Colts fans is that Brissett was too conservative in his decision making and didn't push the ball downfield.  The stats you provided show that the receivers were open last year when they were targeted, but I wonder how open they were getting on all routes...I honestly don't know.  I assume Rivers makes more tight window throws than Brissett, and often times successfully, so I would expect that to skew the separation stats downward slightly for this season.
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