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Colts Vs. Raiders Game Day Thread


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Depends on pick..for a high 3 rd maybe
    • I absolutely hate how Reich handled the A.V. situation last year when A.V. was losing games for us and it was clear there was a problem and Reich did nothing until.....too late. I think that if Rivers plays poorly against the better teams that are coming on our schedule, Reich will stay with Rivers until it's too late. Call me an iconoclast but I don't subscribe to the idea that the only solution for the QB position is QB#1 all the time and QB#2 never sees the field unless injury or the season is "over". A Colts fan from 1967 I never lived in either of the Colts home markets and living in the Bay Area I saw all the Lamonica/Blanda games in the 1970 season and it made an impression, even though the Morton/Staubach Cowboy teams advanced the "only one QB" case to the opposite. The A.V. situation and the going for it on 4th obsession made me question if Reich coaches with his head or his heart, I see his judgement as suspect although I don't hate him.
    • My response wasn't emotional.  There are business decisions that go beyond the talent vs pick equation.    Its not like we have decided we don't why TY back next year.  And the 4th round pick is just going to get us more depth JAGS, which we already have aside from Pittman and Campbell, both of whom are second round picks that the new 4th round guy won't displace.   All we're doing is risking losing TY if he plays better, with only our typical off the team/on the team revolving door talent to replace him this year.   And, if we keep him this year and he signs elsewhere in the spring, we might get a 4th round pick anyway, albeit a year later.   To me, it all adds up to keeping a family member in the family hoping that production improves, until the employment contract runs out.  Then you talk business.
    • I think they had a plan for Taylor going into the season, and tried to stick to it. He's coming from a really different blocking scheme and I think they expected it would take him a while to adjust to the timing. I do think they should have ramped it up a bit more though. And I also think they used Hines to much when they should of used JT or JW. 
    • Colts win 24-20, we get to 5-2 like last year. Thanks for the game day thread. 
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