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Hi, Colts fans! :)   NFL regular season is finally here!  Our  Indianapolis Colts begin  their second year of the post-Peyton Manning era with the leadership and direction of Head Coach Chuck Pagano, QB Andrew Luck, and General Manager Ryan Grigson.  These three men primarily, along with the rest of the Colts players, coaches, support team, and front office, were responsible for the tremendous turnaround from their 2-11 season, to an 11-5 record in 2012 and reaching the NFL playoffs.   Colts and their fans look for another, and perhaps better 2013 season, and expectations are  high for the Colts to be a Super Bowl-caliber team.


Colts have won 10 of their last regular season home openers, but their last one occurred four years ago where they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-12 at LOS back on September 16, 2009.  Colts won their first 15 regular season games that year, finishing with a 14-2 record, but lost to eventual Super Bowl  XLIV champion New Orleans Saints 31-14 in Miami.


Raiders are making their first regular season appearance in Indianapolis since October 10, 2004.  Colts broke a four game regular season losing streak over the Raiders that day, winning 35-14. Indianapolis subsequently won the next two games at Oakland - 21-14 on December 16, 2007, and in the recent meeting winning 31-26, back on December 26, 2010 where the Colts have a current three game winning streak over the Raiders entering this afternoon. 


Highlights from that 2010 Colts/Raider game included three touchdown passes from Peyton Manning  -  18 yards to Jacob Tamme, 4 yards to Blair White, and 7 yards to Pierre Garcon. Joseph Addai  also scored his 6 yard touchdown run to start the Colts scoring in the first quarter,  and Adam Vinatieri  kicked 4 PATs, and a 30-yard field goal to complete the Colts scoring for their 31-26 victory.


Colts wide receiver Darius Heyward-Bey faces his former team, the Raiders, as their opponent since being released on March 13. DHB was knocked unconscious by the Steelers Ryan Mundy in the end zone in his last offensive play as a Raider  in the end zone back on September 23, 2012. Heyward-Bey lied motionless in the end zone in ten minuites before being removed by an ambulance.


LOS's roof may be closed for this afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because clear and partly cloudy skies at 74 degrees is the local forecast, along with 71% humidity, 0%  precipitation, and and mild north/northeastern winds at 4 miles per hour.


Marv Albert and former NFL veteran QB Rich Gannon are announcing the live TV game commentary for the NFL On CBS,  regionally seen in parts of northern Kentucky and Nevada, Houston, TX,  and most of California and Indiana, including locally in Indianapolis on WISH-TV CBS 8, seen live on HD.


Bob Lamey, our  'Voice Of The Colts,' is announcing the live radio game play-by-play, along with former Colt QB Jim Sorgi, and sideline reporter Matt Taylor, simulcast on Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070 AM, and WLHK Country 98.1, and throughout the Tri-States on the  Colts Vectren/Radio Network.


Visiting Raiders are wearing the white jerseys and silver pants on the field today, while the host Colts are wearing their traditional blue jerseys, and white pants.


NO injuries, and let's hope Andrew Luck and company start off opening Sunday with a win!   Continue to stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!!!!!   :cheer:  :rock:  :pass:  :coltslogo:  :coltshelmet:  :coltshorse:  :coltsfb:  :colts:  :1colts:  :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :D


Complete Colts Vs. Raiders Press Release and Pregame Report:






Colts And Raiders Pregame Team Injury Reports:






Colts Vs. Raiders NFL Gamecenter, and NFL On CBS TV Distribution Map (In Yellow):





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I sure would like to be at the game today, but that's another story. The BIG story in northern Indiana is that the game is NOT televised! Comcast cable is carrying 3 NFC north games. This is week one Comcast - get your head out and give fans what they are paying for!

I have Comcast, but I live in Indy. So if they didn't carry the game there would be a revolt against them.

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New keyboard time?

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    • I would say QB. DE, and LT but between DE and LT it is a toss up. So we pretty much agree. Every once in a while you have a player like Q that comes along though and is just as valuable to your team than any player. Like you said about Ray Lewis, would anyone trade Ray Lewis for today's best WR, I wouldn't.
    • An important update on DJ’s 2.0 list.    Since I first posted this list, the names of the individual players are now activated to be hyper-links.   That means click on the name and it takes you to the review from their draft analyst Lance Zierlein.   Z lives in Houston, and a recent tweet of his said the recent terrible storm in Texas crashed things for him technically.  That he had finished his reviews but couldn’t send them electronically to NFL.com.   That has now apparently been fixed.   So Zierlein’s ratings are now available simply by clicking in the names.  Please note:   Do not get Z’s reviews mixed up with DJ’s reviews.   They are different.   But they are now available on each player profile.  One stop shopping!   Enjoy!!  
    • The problem with this post is, you named the best players at their positions to prove your point. Of course I would trade Q for Mahomes lol or maybe the best WR in the league. You posted earlier it could be a discussion to trade Q or Leonard for Godwin. No way nobody would do that. 
    • QB, LT, DE, DT, CB   Really depends on system after QB, LT, DE   WR is really low on the list. Ballard clearly seems to think this as well, as he seems to "value" the trenches way more than skill positions.   To me, value is placed on how easy it is to replace you. There are so many above average to good WRs(where I would put Godwin), there are so few All Pro Guards and LBs. In other words, Godwin is easier to replace, Nelson and Leonard, not so much. So in my opinion that makes them more valuable.     After those first 5 positions(3) listed above, I don't think there is much difference in positional breakdown, have to look at individual players impact on the game after that, despite position.       Ask the Ravens how important Ray Lewis was for them. I imagine they would say he was more valuable than anyone else on that team. Far more than Qadry Ismail.   The Colts had a ragtag squad of WRs, still went 11-5. It wasn't because our receivers were so valuable.   Why you're the one that brought them in the discussion, by saying Godwin is "probably" more valuable than both combined and that you would entertain the discussion on trading one of them for Godwin.        EDIT: And it's a shame that, what I thought was a good thread, turned to something else after the bad take on Godwin vs Q/DL.
    • I’m with you.   And I might be the most patient fan here.   I haven’t given up on any of our disappointments yet.    I always think if Ballard and Reich are still good with them, then I am too.   That said, I also want to get more bang out of our buck from guys like Turay, Lewis, Benagu, and Muhammad.    I want more from Ya-Sin and Okereke.    I want more from Campbell and other receivers.  And I’m hot to see Year 2 of Jacob Eason.   I looked again at his Washington tape and goodness gracious his highlights can be scary great!   What an arm he has?!   Amazing!   If those guys develop and the NFL game slows down for them, goodness, that would help enormously!  
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