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Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread


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Interesting the Colts look to be taking a look at Angerer tonight.  Normally if you are a vet and you play a lot in the last pre-season game it means they are looking at you for your job.  With that said it could be he needs to rep after being out so long too. 

well he better hope they don't look to closely at the film on 51 cause he was terrible.

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For what it's worth Brad Wells doesn't think Angerer should make the team. If what I'm reading about his play tonight is true, Wells may be on to something.

I don't think he should as well. I've broken the same foot 3 different times over 20 years of playing and it's a very slow injury to completely heal. If we didn't have ILB then...but we do.

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It is just the numbers game...

Bradshaw, Ballard and Brown are making the team and I cannot see us keeping 4 RBs along with a FB or 2.

 He's a k/p returner. Brown and Bradshaw in last year of deals. Not an illogical decision to keep him. I think he makes it, but just my opinion.

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He is now playing against 3rd and 4th stringers with 1 or 2 starters.


What's that have to do with what I said? 


When he gets a hole he hits it hard and doesn't shy away from contact like a lot of scat backs do.


I didn't say he should start. Just that he can show his ability when he gets an opening.

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