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Colts @ Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread

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Hi, Colts fans!    :)  Our Indianapolis Colts just finished their short practice week, and are southeast down Interstate 74 in  Cincinnati to play their annual preseason game with the Bengals in the battle of 2-1 teams.Colts hope to leave the Queen City with a winning preseason record at 3-1. Both the Colts and the Bengals are playing together in their 11th straight preseason game. Colts are schedule to return to Cincinnatilater to play the Bengals during Week 13 of the regular season on December 8.


Many of the Colts starters, including Andrew Luck may see limited action on the field, or sit out tonight's game, as the reserve players will get the chance to showcase their talent to both survive the final cuts this Saturday, and earn the remaining roster spots that will make the 2013 Indianapolis Colts team for the season and home opener with the Oakland Raiders.


Don Fischer and Barry Strauss are announcing the live TV commentary, along with sideline reporter Jeffery Gorman in Indianapolis on WNDY Channel 23, live on HD. Tonight's Colts/Bengals game will also be replayed Sunday Morning at 10:00AM nationally on The NFL Network,  on HD.


Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' is also announcing the live radio game play-by-play, along with game color analyst and former Colts QB Jim Sorgi, and sideline reporter Kevin Lee, simulcasted on flagship station WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WLHK 97.1FM, and The Colts/Vectren Radio Network.


Sunny and clear skies at 86 degrees, feels like 90 degrees, is the game forecast for the 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff at Paul Brown Stadium  in Cincinnati, along with 55% humidity, 0% precipitation, and mild northeastern winds at 6 miles per hour.


Colts are wearing their matching white jerseys and pants on the field at PBS tonight, while the host Bengals are wearing their black jerseys, and white pants.


NO injuries to both teams as both the Colts and Bengals prepare for the upcoming regular season. Continue to both stay Colts Strong and Chuck Strong with Head Coach Chuck Pagano, and GO COLTS!!!!!   :D     :coltslogo:   :rock::coltshelmet:   :blueshoe:  :pass:  :coltshorse:  :coltsfb:  :colts:  :1colts:  :coltslogo:




Complete Colts @ Bengals Pregame Press Release, And Game Report:








Colts @ Bengals NFL Gamecenter:



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These commentators when the Colts get back to back sacks- "And he's tripped up."

When the Bengals get one- "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH AND HE LAYS THE HAMMER." or something to that affect.


To be expected of course.

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Interesting the Colts look to be taking a look at Angerer tonight.  Normally if you are a vet and you play a lot in the last pre-season game it means they are looking at you for your job.  With that said it could be he needs to rep after being out so long too. 

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If we keep a third QB it's not going to be Harnish we would get one from someone else and frankly I don't think we are going to get one from someone else so I think we'll keep just Luck and Hasselbeck and that should free up the spot for the fullback.

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    • They have contributed as much their rookie year as the entire group maybe by end of the season, but I doubt there's even a tiny chance of 2 all pros. Even 1 is a major stretch.  I am not sure we have any all pro's on the team since the most deserving one is Buckner (who I count as our first round pick in every way) has impact but no stats to wow anyone not intimately aware of his impact. If he misses this game we may painfully see how valuable.  But their collective impact has certainly added up. 4 starters and 2 solid special teamers in a so far playoff level team is quite a haul for any draft pick class in history.  It is at least adjacent to 2018, unless you don't count Buckner in any way.
    • Nothing against you and I like you as a poster but counting Ballard's 2017 season is a stretch. I realize he was the GM that year (1st year) but he didn't have the Coach he wanted and Luck was out for the year. We went 4-12 that year so his record is a bit skewed because of that. Others have posted the same thing about Ballard's record so you are not the only one and I just don't see how anyone can count that season legitimately. I pretty much go by 2018-this year when he hired Frank and his record would be 25-19 counting the playoffs. Is he the best GM in the league, probably not but he is good. He is responsible for drafting Nelson, Leonard, Mack, signing Houston, signing Rivers and trading for Buckner = great work there. Luck just retiring on the team and McDaniels dissing him even made his job that much harder. 
    • I am late to the party but it doesn't matter because I would've been 1-1 anyway. I had the Lions and Washington so it offsets     Here are my Sunday picks/Monday pick: Ravens 17 Steelers 24 Chargers 19 Bills 27 Titans 27 Colts 30 Panthers 20 Vikings 21 Browns 27 Jags 17 Giants 24 Bengals 10 Cards 27 Pats 23 Dolphins 99 Jets 0 (Fluke's original quote) Saints 24 Broncos 13 49ers 17 Rams 30 Chiefs 34 Bucs 24 Bears 17 Packers 27 Seahawks 31 Eagles 17
    • Yes, love the limited stuff from Harris. I really want to see more routes from him, but overall, love what he's doing. I'd love for him to be a long term answer at slot if Campbell moves to Z.    I'm up in the air on specs. I need to see him hit some long ones, as well as some additional clutch kicks. Glasgow, like I said, I just don't expect much from. Doubt he's ever a contributor on D, but if he kills it on ST, I'm happy.    A buddy of mine (a Ball State grad/fan), thinks Pinter develops into a RT, and the Colts will eventually move Smith over to LT (when AC retires), and let Pinter take RT. I don't know about all that, but I do agree Pinter might develop into more than we think.    I think Pittman will develop into a long term and consistent WR for us. I know he's just starting to emerge, but he just has the look. Good/willing blocker, good hands, etc.. He might not be the 50/50 guy I want, but I also think he might be better at in-stride catching than I thought.    JT, I think he'll be fine once he gets acclimated and use to the run blocking scheme. I don't want to diminish his talent, but most RBs should be able to be successful behind our OL, and he's better than most.    Blackmon is the most interesting to me. He's always been a hammer which I love. He's struggled though in coverage in college, and as we saw, got burnt deep a few games ago. Not sure if he's too aggressive forward, or just struggles with coverage and range. I hope it's just aggressiveness. It definitely helped him when they moved him from CB to S in college, but at the same time, Utah ran a ton of man, which we do not. Love most of what I've seen thus far. I just hope it's not a case where teams get film on him, and start testing him deep a lot. We've been fortunate to play some bad Os early that simply don't go deep a bunch. Will be interesting to follow.
    • It's Rivers he will play, the dude is made of steel  . He played with a torn ACL.
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